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Behind the Scenes of Our Holiday Campaign With Derek & Aaron

5 questions with the models and real-life couple about how they’re celebrating the holidays, and what working on the Boll & Branch Holiday 2023 Campaign meant to them. 

1. What are your dreams for the holiday season?

Our dream this holiday season is to be with our loved ones creating memories filled with laughter and love. Our most treasured moments are when we are present and connecting with our loved ones.

2. Favorite family tradition?

We don’t have set family traditions, but we always end up stuffed with food and around the fireplace. No holiday is celebrated without a few card games as well.

3. If you host gatherings, what is one thing you like guests to feel? As a guest at holiday gatherings, what is one thing you appreciate most about being hosted?

We typically host a holiday event every year at our home in the city with friends. Our goal is always to bring everyone together. We spend a good month creating the playlist and cocktail menus. During the year, we forget how special our annual holiday party is until someone says that they can’t wait to get their invite. Our home is a reflection of our life and we hope everyone feels warm and welcome.

4. What do you love about working on the Boll & Branch campaign?

When we got the news we were going to be working on this project, we were overjoyed. Every year we send out a Christmas card and have always talked about getting a professional photographer to shoot it. Never did we think we would be shot by the incredible Olivia Malone. The crew at Boll & Branch were as special as their high-quality bedding. We left the beautiful studio feeling like part of the family. The sets were absolutely gorgeous and the mood boards were dreamy. We are so honored to have been a part of such a beautiful campaign and thank you Boll & Branch for celebrating our family. As a same sex couple we never imagined that a company would feature our love but also embrace it.

5. First thoughts as you jumped into the Boll & Branch holiday bed?

When we jumped into the Boll & Branch bed we were nervous. It was so beautiful and we were a little intimidated by all the people on set. That anxiousness was quickly discarded as we were met with smiles and positive energy. One of our favorite shots was when we were exchanging gifts beside the tree. We couldn’t stop smiling and that is a photo we can’t wait to see.

To get a closer look at the world that Derek and Aaron helped us create this holiday, explore our Holiday Lookbook—which offers a guide to bedroom styling that will change the way you sleep for the better.

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