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Behind the Scenes of Our Holiday Campaign With Kuyan & Kenny

5 questions with the models and real-life couple about how they’re celebrating the holidays, and what working on the Boll & Branch Holiday 2023 Campaign meant to them. 

1. What are your dreams for the holiday season?

Kenny: To spend our first holiday together as a family in magical New York City!

Kuyan: I’m dreaming of a warm morning inside, windows frosted cold, and cozy music with a fireplace cracking on our tv, ha!

2. Favorite family tradition?

Kenny: Our girls are young, so we are building our family traditions as we grow together. That being said, for now, nothing tops the warming feeling of Thanksgiving dinner. The smells, the energy, the food! 

Kuyan: My current favorite family tradition is hanging up our personalized stockings. There’s something really special about this for me.

3. If you host gatherings, what is one thing you like guests to feel? As a guest at holiday gatherings, what is one thing you appreciate most about being hosted?

Kenny: When we host family gatherings, I want our guests to feel as comfortable as they do in their own home. You should feel loved, have what they need, and feel free to do what they want without thinking twice! 

Kuyan: I love hosting. I want guests to feel a sense of home around our dinner table. I want them to feel like they could sit there for hours with great, loud conversation. One thing I honestly appreciate most when people host is the appetizers.

4. What do you love about working on the Boll & Branch campaign?

Kenny: Working on this holiday campaign will go down as one of the most fulfilling and meaningful experiences in our career. To have the opportunity to work with our kids in the environment that Boll & Branch created was truly surreal. We had an absolute blast on set and they took care of us and our girls in every way imaginable!

Kuyan: There’s so much to love about that day. We were in great hands. The set stands out to me a lot. We didn’t even have to fake it for the camera. They sent me home with Boll & Branch pajamas, and they’re my new favorite go-to. Loving them.

5. First thoughts as you jumped into the Boll & Branch holiday bed?

Kenny: Our first thoughts as we jumped into the Boll & Branch holiday bed was the same as our second, third, and fourth thoughts! RIDICULOUSLY COMFORTABLE! 

Kuyan: My first thought was: I know what I want on my wish list this year. 

To get a closer look at the world that Kuyan and Kenny, as well as their daughters, helped us create, you can find them in our Holiday Lookbook, which offers a guide to bedroom styling that will change the way you sleep for the better.

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