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Behind the Scenes of Our Holiday Campaign With Liyah & Thedja

5 questions with the models and real-life mother and daughter about how they’re celebrating the holidays, and what working on the Boll & Branch Holiday 2023 Campaign meant to them. 

1. What are your dreams for the holiday season?

Liyah: My holiday season dreams are to be surrounded by family and love. I intend to relax and enjoy each moment.

Thedja: Mine are quite simple: loved ones gathered together under one roof with food, laughter, games, and thankfulness.

2. Favorite family tradition?

Liyah: My favorite family tradition is waking up to Parang playing and enjoying Christmas breakfast before getting ready to head to a family member's house.

Thedja: For me, it’s crawling into bed with our parents bright and early on Christmas morning, so excited and giddy only to fall asleep after feeling the love, warmth, and comfort of our parents' bed.

3. When you host gatherings, what is one thing you like guests to feel?

Liyah: I want my guests to feel at home and warm.

Thedja: I want my guests to feel happy and comfortable. I appreciate being able to completely relax and enjoy time with my family.

4. What do you love about working on the Boll & Branch campaign?

Liyah: I loved how kind everyone was! I felt extremely comfortable on set and Zuri (my daughter) had a blast.

Thedja: Working with Boll & Branch was so perfect. I loved the respect, attention, and kindness that was shown to us. I felt as if I was the center of the universe.

5. First thoughts as you jumped into the Boll & Branch holiday bed?

Liyah: “Ouu, this is nice!“

Thedja: “Ahhh so cozy, time to cuddle up and sleep”…

To get a closer look at the world that Liyah and Thedja helped us create this holiday, explore our Holiday Lookbook—which offers a guide to bedroom styling that will change the way you sleep for the better.

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