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What are Featherbeds & Fiberbeds?

When you think of luxurious bed layers, you probably think of ultra-soft sheets, the coziest knit blankets, and lofty duvets. These pieces are beloved, and essential to building your best bed, but there’s one transformative layer that many sleepers are missing out on—a featherbed or fiberbed. 

These cloud-like layers, which secure to the top of your mattress, will instantly make your bed feel like a cloud. They’re a well-kept secret in the bedding world, but today, we’re sharing everything you need to know about featherbeds and fiberbeds.

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What is a featherbed?

A featherbed is a mattress enhancer that goes directly on top of your mattress. The purpose of a featherbed is to add rich comfort and sink-in softness to any bed. This ultra-plush layer is perfect for those who want the most luxurious sleep in an exceptionally soft bed. 

A good featherbed will give you years of unmatched comfort, so you’ll want to invest in one that’s made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. We spent 6 years researching, developing, and sourcing the finest organic materials for our Cloud Cover Featherbed. It’s crafted with ultra-fluffy down on top and a layer of supportive feathers below it, wrapped in a naturally down-proof, 100% organic cotton shell. It’s a superior piece that will elevate your entire sleeping experience—no new mattress required.

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What is a fiberbed?

A fiberbed is also a mattress enhancer, designed to make your bed feel like a cloud. While featherbeds add the highest level of plushness, the purpose of a fiberbed is to add lush-yet-supportive comfort. It’s crafted for those who want their bed to feel soft and sumptuous, but with a slightly denser, more substantial feeling than an ultra-plush featherbed. 

The main difference between a fiberbed and a featherbed, though, is the material it’s filled with. Instead of down and feathers, fiberbeds are made with a synthetic fill, so they’re perfect for those who suffer from allergies. Still, you should be picky about which fiberbed you choose—because the better the filling, the better the feeling. Our Cloud Cover Fiberbed is crafted with PrimaLoft®, a premium hypoallergenic fiber that feels lofty, plush, and offers years of custom comfort. 

Featherbed vs. Fiberbed

Learn the difference between our Cloud Cover Featherbed and Cloud Cover Fiberbed. Keep in mind that every brand is different, and you might not find the same details and quality of materials you’ll find here.








Down & Feathers


Down Alternative

Fill Height

Over 4”

Over 2”


Dual chamber

(down on top, feather on bottom), bafflebox construction,

100% organic cotton shell

Single chamber, 

bafflebox construction,

100% organic cotton shell


Full, Queen, King, California King

Full, Queen, King, California King


-STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified

-Organic Cotton Certified (OCS)

-Responsible Down Standard (RDS)

-STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified

-Organic Cotton Certified (OCS)

More Questions—Answered by Our Bedding Experts.

Where should I layer it on my bed?

Whether you choose a featherbed or a fiberbed, you should layer it above your mattress and below your fitted sheet.

Can I put a mattress protector over my featherbed or fiberbed?

Like most others, our Cloud Cover Featherbeds and Fiberbeds aren’t waterproof, so if you’re concerned about perspiration, we recommend adding a mattress protector—which can easily be thrown in the wash—above your featherbed or fiberbed and below your fitted sheet. If you don’t have concerns, we recommend putting your mattress protector below your featherbed or fiberbed to get the fluffliest cloud-like feeling.

How often should I fluff my featherbed or fiberbed?

High-quality mattress enhancers retain their cloud-like feeling for multiple nights, so you don’t have to fluff them up every morning—just give them a quick shake whenever you change your sheets. Our Cloud Cover Featherbeds and Fiberbeds are thoughtfully designed with handles on both sides, so you can quickly bring out the highest level of plushness. 

How do you store a featherbed or fiberbed?

There are many ways to safely store a featherbed or fiberbed, like in a large tote or cotton zipper bag. Just make sure they have plenty of breathing room. Folding and storing them loosely will ensure a fluffy feeling the next time you use them—so don’t vacuum seal or roll them up too tightly. And make sure your storage container is waterproof and securely closed to protect against moisture and dust. 

How do I clean a featherbed or fiberbed?

Don’t worry about washing the entire thing. Covering it with a fitted sheet will protect against natural wear and surface stains. But accidents happen, and you can spot clean as needed with a damp white cloth, blotting to remove excess water and laying flat to dry. 

Ready to transform your sleep with an ultra-luxe mattress enhancer? Explore our collection of Cloud Cover Featherbeds and Fiberbeds, and experience the rich comfort you didn’t know you needed.