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What's inside our Down Alternative Pillows?

After more than two years of intensive pillow testing, Missy Tannen, Co-Founder and Head of Product Design, came to realize that down pillows are the gold standard. So when it came to finding a hypoallergenic down alternative that measures up to the real thing, she had her work cut out for her. “I tried more so many down alternatives,” she says. “There’s a lot of technology out there—memory, cooling fibers, you name it.”  Finally, Missy found what she was looking for in PrimaLoft™, allowing her to create the best Down Alternative Pillows.

Our Down Alternative…

 ...Feels Like Down

Hands down, “PrimaLoft is the best at mimicking down in the way it sleeps and performs,” says Missy. “You squish into them, and the PrimaLoft pillows bend easily, and they keep that loft and feel over time.”



...Is Allergen-Free

If you are looking for the ultimate in hypoallergenic pillows, PrimaLoft coated with an organic cotton shell is your answer. While our triple-cleaned Down Pillows are technically hypoallergenic, the Down Alternative Pillows are the safest bet for someone with allergy concerns. PrimaLoft pillows are as pure as they come!

...Is Both Soft and Supportive

Missy’s husband (and Boll & Branch co-founder!) Scott sleeps on the Medium-Firm Down Alternative, and he spent a year trying different prototypes until we reached the exact right formula, so it’s supportive but still soft; comfortable but with a nice bounce-back. The PrimaLoft keeps the fill evenly fluffy, never clumpy.

...Was Formulated for the U.S. Army!

PrimaLoft was actually developed for use in military sleeping bags! The U.S. Army was looking for a synthetic insulation that would be comparable to goose down in weight, compressibility, and warmth, and also retain heat while in the presence of moisture. PrimaLoft fit the bill perfectly—and makes for an ideal synthetic down pillow.

...Is Surrounded by an Organic Cotton Shell

In order to prevent feathers and down from popping out of the pillow, most companies add a chemical coating. Instead of cutting corners, we constructed a super sturdy signature organic cotton weave that covers our Down Alternative Pillow perfectly, naturally.