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What's inside our down feather pillows?

What really goes into a down feather pillow? Missy Tannen, Co-Founder and Head of Product Design, spent nearly three years developing pillows. It all started with our customers—who request pillows more than any other product—and with Missy’s own experience in the huge pillow section of the department store. “You don’t know what to believe,” she says. “Sometimes you spend more money, and your pillow still doesn’t work or last.”

So Missy jumped right in. She bought nearly every pillow on the market, cutting them up to see what’s inside. “I still have 20 Ziploc bags of different materials—down, feathers, wool, shredded foam, you name it.” She kept an open mind, but came to realize that “down pillows are the gold standard.” She went on to source all-American down, as well as the most premium down alternative. “We have created the best pillows,” she says, “from start to finish.”

Our Down Feathers...

...Come From Midwestern Ducks

What is a down pillow, and what makes one great? Our answer: superior feathers. In developing more than 100 prototypes of duck down pillows, Missy vetted four suppliers before choosing our Cincinnati partner. The factory is able to source all of our duck down and feathers from ethically-minded farms in Indiana. The ducks are protected by strict animal welfare and consumer assurance standards that strictly forbid force-feeding and live-plucking. The welfare program is based on the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare, which ensures the animals are guaranteed freedom from issues that include hunger, thirst, discomfort, pain and distress. All of the down and feathers used in our pillows and duvet inserts are byproducts of the food industry. That means that the ducks are being raised for food, a more sustainable process than the conventional way of raising ducks solely for the purpose of providing down.


...are Triple-Cleaned

Our factory starts by cleaning our down and feathers twice—which is above the government standards. Then we clean it one last time ourselves, so the feathers are as clean as can be. Technically, our down is hypoallergenic, and many people who think they are allergic to down are happy sleeping on our pillows and duvet inserts. But if you are someone with serious allergies to feather pillows, choose our Down Alternative.

… have a High Fill Power (Here’s Why It Matters)

We are very proud that our down feather pillows have 650-700 fill power. But what is fill power? Basically, the higher the fill power, the larger the cluster of down, which translates to a lighter, higher quality pillow. So a high fill power like ours gets you a feather pillow with more fluff and less weight, as larger down clusters loft higher, feel softer, and last longer.

… are Supported By Feathers

We made the best down pillows by forming a signature three-chamber construction for extra support. The Soft pillow has a middle chamber filled with down, while the Medium and Firm have a central chamber filled with a blend of down and feathers for extra support.

...are Surrounded by an Organic Cotton Shell

A common complaint about down feather pillows is that the feathers often pop out! In order to prevent feathers and down from popping out of the pillow, most companies add a chemical coating. Instead of cutting corners, we constructed a super sturdy signature organic cotton weave that does the job perfectly and naturally.