Alpaca Monogram Throw Blanket

Iconic style, extraordinarily cozy—rare, 100% “baby” alpaca wool

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What makes this fabric different?

Oversized for an exceptionally decadent experience, this throw blanket is made of the highest grade “baby” alpaca fibers, all of traceable, humane origin. These rare threads are uniquely woven with an oversized Boll & Branch monogram, and tonal blocking for the most luxuriously chic statement layer. Twisted fringe tassels add even more interest, while our intricate brushing process gives this blanket a silky soft hand-feel.

The Feel Lavish, decadent warmth with the softest touch

The Look Chic with a subtle monogram pattern


  • Humanely sourced 100% “baby” alpaca

  • Framed with twisted fringe ends

Complete The Look

Alpaca Monogram Throw Blanket - Middle Module 1

The Story Behind Our Monogram Collection.

In celebration of a decade of meticulously considered style and craft at Boll & Branch, we created a capsule collection that shines a spotlight on our iconic monogram. These distinctive designs bring an elevated, dimensional element to your bed with their irresistibly chic pattern, all in the most luxurious materials for the most decadent touch.

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Made of Exceptionally Rare, Traceable “Baby” Alpaca Wool.

We work directly with farmers to ensure the humane treatment of every Alpaca, prioritizing animal welfare and traceability at every step. Because we hold such high ethical and quality standards, there is very little of this fiber available. As a result, we’re only able to make this pillow cover in small batches.