Down Alternative Pillow

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What makes this pillow different?

Made in 3 densities with the finest materials to offer you lasting, superior support: these pillows are filled with PrimaLoft® Luxury Down Alternative® is a premium, allergy-friendly fiber that mimics the weight and gentle loft of down. The Density for Your Sleep Style Stomach Sleeper – Soft Back Sleeper – Medium Side Sleeper – Firm


  • Hypoallergenic down alternative fill

  • 3 different densities for different levels of support

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A woman hugging a Down Alternative Pillow

What Makes Our Pillows Unmatched?

We created a naturally soft fabric that surrounds each pillow by precisely weaving the highest-quality cotton threads. With this perfected shell, we turned fill density into a science, prioritizing support by finding the exact amount of PrimaLoft® needed for each sleep style.

Detail close up of a Down Alternative Pillow laying on a pile on down alternative fill

Allergy-Friendly, Down-Like Loft.

We partner with experts to bring the experience of a down duvet to life using PrimaLoft® Luxury Down Alternative®—a premium, down-like fiber that mimics the weight and gentle loft of down in an innovative, hypoallergenic fill.

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Down Alternative Pillow Reviews

4.6 / 5 stars

Ondina K. -
My pillow is epic!
My pillow is epic!
Joseph J. -
A great down alternative pillow!!
Soft and cuddly, my head is happy!
Anna E. -
Love this pillow!
Love this pillow! No more neck pain.
Susan R. -
Soft but fluffy!
I bought four of the soft pillows ( two deep both sides of the bed) and I love them! They are perfect for me as they don't have a pressured feel against your face.