Flannel Solid Pillowcase Set

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What makes this fabric different?

This Flannel Pillowcase Set is artisan made in Portugal to be velvety soft, and offer a rare balance of warmth and breathability. It starts with the highest quality threads sourced from the finest 100% organic cotton on earth. To create an exceptional handfeel, we add a brushing process then triple shear the fabric to naturally reduce the appearance of pills.

The Feel Singularly cozy with a rare balance of warmth & breathability

The Look Lavish, triple sheared to naturally reduce the appearance of pills


  • 100% organic cotton

  • Envelope closure on the pillowcases for a clean finish

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What Makes Our Thread Quality Unmatched?

We don’t rely on thread count to determine quality. Thread count is simply a measurement of threads per square inch of fabric. We invest in thread quality by using the finest organic materials, weaving our threads with the utmost care, and finishing our threads without harsh chemicals.

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The Finest 100% Organic Cotton on Earth.

We preserve the purity of our long-staple, 100% organic cotton by choosing not to use any harmful pesticides, GMOs or toxins like formaldehyde in the making of our products. It’s better for you and the planet.

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A Rare Balance of Warmth & Breathability.

Made in a weight loved by even the warmest of sleepers, our Flannel fabric is unlike any other. To create an exceptional handfeel, we add a brushing process then triple shear the fabric to naturally reduce the appearance of pills.

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Flannel Solid Pillowcase Set Reviews

4.8 / 5 stars

Eric H. -
Quality of your life!
My grandparents always said that you could only really tell someone’s true wealth and knowledge of true value by the quality of the linens they used. I bought my first B&B set of sheets about 1 year ago to see if they were as good as advertised! I immediately noted their quality to be head and shoulders above all other linens I had used in the past. I proceeded to change out the sheets, blankets and pillow cases throughout the house. Now all 7 beds in my home have B& B sheets and blankets with spares for each bed to change out on laundry days. I am happy to know my loved ones are sleeping on the finest quality sheets and laying their heads on the finest pillow cases produced! I am truly blessed and feel like I couldn’t do better for my loved ones. Thank you to Boll and Branch for producing such high quality sheets and blankets! I am only a user of Boll and Branch sheets and blankets from here on out!
Palma G. -
Flannel Sheets
I purchased the king size flannel sheets in white to try this winter. The sheets were very soft (and get softer with each wash) but lighter weight than I expected. I live in CA so these are perfect for us. The fitted sheet is oversized & after washing/drying they shrunk a bit but still plenty of room to fit on mattress. So far they are still very soft with no pilling. Other brands I tried only lasted a season or two because they shrunk & got rough. These have been excellent so far!
Terry T. -
Don’t Know Yet
We got these sheets a couple of weeks ago, washed them, put them on the bed to try. Up to now, we really like them. But we both have a problem having companies asking us how we like their product is the first couple of days; it takes weeks, if not months to really know about the product. Short term evaluations are worthless, I would want to know about the product in the long haul.
Andrew H. -
Soft & Sexy
The best quality flannel sheets we’ve owned to date! Soft and sexy!