Reserve Alpaca Fine Line Throw Blanket

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What makes this fabric different?

Oversized for an exceptionally luxurious experience, this Reserve throw blanket is made of the highest grade “baby” alpaca fibers, all of traceable, humane origin. These rare threads are woven in a modern striped pattern composed of delicate dotted and dashed lines for a uniquely modern aesthetic. Hand-knotted tassels add even more interest, while our intricate brushing process gives this blanket a silky soft hand-feel. Every throw blanket passes through the hands of 100 artisans and takes over 12 weeks to complete.


  • Humanely sourced 100% “baby” alpaca

  • Framed with hand-knotted fringe ends

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Made of Exceptionally Rare, Traceable “Baby” Alpaca Wool.

We work directly with farmers to ensure the humane treatment of every Alpaca, prioritizing animal welfare and traceability at every step. Because we hold such high ethical and quality standards, there is very little of this fiber available. As a result, we’re only able to make this throw blanket in small batches.

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Slow Spun With Time-Honored Traditions.

In a world that is moving faster and faster, we decided to do something no one else is: slow everything down. Reserve is the culmination of years of effort. We turned to time-honored traditions, additional finishes and couture detailing, taking our time to get every step right.

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Only at Boll & Branch.

The finest threads created under the perfect, exacting conditions: no detail is overlooked, from farm to finish. The Reserve Collection is beautifully drapey, silky, and softer than anything else you've ever felt. All to give you your best night’s sleep.