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What Does "Boll & Branch" Mean?

When we first started Boll & Branch in 2014, we established ourselves differently. And we wanted our name to reflect our unconventional idea—to make bedding better than anyone else, while benefiting the lives of everyone who touches our products. As we learned more and more about the toxic bedding industry, this idea quickly became a commitment. 

We wanted to keep farmers safe from toxins and harsh chemicals, which are commonplace in conventional farming.  We wanted factory workers to earn the pay and respect they deserve, a practice that’s almost unheard of in the textile industry. And we wanted our customers to sleep better at night, having no doubts about the products they bring into their homes. Those were tremendous commitments, especially for a new company, but we knew that one thing would make them all possible—100% organic cotton.

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What Is a “Boll & Branch”?

We wanted our name to represent our ethics and values, with a special nod to organic cotton itself. So we thought about it from the ground up. When cotton seeds are planted, they grow into strong and resilient branches. Then, these branches begin to grow soft, delicate cotton fibers—the material used to make our bedding—in protective cases called “bolls”. With the support of the branch and shelter of the boll, organic cotton fibers have a safe, secure place to call home. 

Just like the boll and branch does for the cotton fibers, we do for our workers. From the very beginning, we’ve been supporting and protecting organic cotton farmers in the developing world, who’ve been marginalized and extorted by big-name corporations for generations. We’re committed to giving our workers the same strength, security, and protection that the boll and branch give the cotton growing within.

We’ve rejected middlemen from the start, partnering directly with farms and factories to ensure everyone is paid fairly. Our employees are never exposed to harmful chemicals or synthetic pesticides, because we use toxin-free processes at every step. And we form real relationships with our workers, building mutual trust and admiration. No one in the bedding industry had done this before, and in 2014, we became the first Fair Trade Certified™ bedding brand.

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A Logo That Symbolizes Our Values

Just like our name, our logo honors 100% organic cotton and the difference it can make. The middle line represents branches growing stronger and stronger—without the harsh chemicals or synthetic pesticides that put farmers in danger. It’s surrounded by two back-to-back Bs, which symbolize the beauty of organic cotton in bloom—grown responsibly and to the highest ethical standards.

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The Name Of Bedding Made Different

When you sleep in Boll & Branch bedding, you can rest easy. You’re surrounded in the finest 100% organic cotton, traceable from farm to finish. You’re keeping toxins, harsh chemicals, and GMOs out of your family home. And you’re strengthening the boll and branch that empowers thousands of workers around the world. 

Since day one, our bedding has been made different—so everyone can sleep better at night.