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About Boll & Branch - Bedding Made Different

Scott & Missy Tannen

Boll & Branch Co-Founders

There is a better way to make bedding.

Since 2014, this has been the driving idea behind all of our decision making at Boll & Branch. Missy and I questioned every conventional standard in the textile industry, and built the business in a brand new way, starting by directly sourcing—never outsourcing—the highest-quality raw materials we could find. We established a better end-to-end system, ensuring only adults make our products, and that they benefit along with us.

Missy brought her relentless obsession with details to our process, finding the most exacting way to weave, cut and sew each of our fabrics, and unearthing more thoughtful methods for perfecting our products. Her dedication to the customer experience and creating the softest product possible set us apart from day one. Today, this vision drives us forward: to lead with innovations that enhance everyone’s quality of life.

Our difference makes a difference—so we can all sleep better at night.

Scott Tannen, Founder & CEO

Cultivators of the Highest Quality Threads

From day one, we start with the seed. We grow the rarest, longest staple organic cotton to make the softest, most luxurious fabrics on earth. 
Today, we continue to source the most superior fibers on earth, each meeting international standards for organic farming. Because these materials are incredibly difficult to produce, little exists in the world. Their quality is unsurpassed. 
This precision of quality is upheld in our relentless obsession with design. From the beginning of a product’s making, our Head of Design Missy Tannen toils over each detail with an eye for building an entirely new experience—all to create fabrics from scratch that feel as special as possible.

Pioneers in 100% Organic Cotton

From day one, we have committed to harvesting 100% organic cotton. It makes a better life for the people who grow it, and it makes a better product for the people who use it.
By using sustainable raw materials, we are able to guarantee a softer, more luxurious product. We make the bedding we want to use ourselves—safer, softer, longer-lasting—and we spare no detail in perfecting every layer.

Free from Toxins at Every Step

From day one, we’ve done business differently, investing in being free from toxins at every step—all so you can rest easy knowing that 100% of our products are free from harmful chemicals, pesticides and GMOs. 
While conventionally grown cotton uses more insecticide than any other crop in the world, organic cotton relies on natural pest control. This one difference offers a multitude of benefits. 
To us, the choice is clear. By sourcing a safer, more sustainable raw material that makes a softer, more luxurious product, we can meaningfully improve our homes and our world.

100% Traceable from Farm to Finish

From day one, we’ve challenged every conventional standard in bedding. We established a better end-to-end system working directly with family owned farms and factories to ensure traceability at every step. We make each of our fabrics from scratch, obsessing over the details that deliver the best possible experience for everyone that touches them.

Fair and Ethical Treatment for All

From day one, we’ve committed to partnering and honoring artisans and farmers who are valued for their knowledge and expertise—we ensure they are paid fairly, they are treated fairly, they work at will, and they are adults.
Since 2014, we’ve paid over $880,000 in additional wages to farmers and factory workers to sustain fair wages and invest in their communities.