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Bed & Nightstand Bundle

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What makes this bundle different?

We’ve brought together our Nightstands and meticulously crafted Beds to give you the most luxurious space ever created. You’ll feel the difference right away: Our beds are artisan made and crafted to stand the test of time. Our nightstands are aligned by grain using a mitered design and crafted for a graceful, cohesive look with the generous storage space of 1 or 2 soft-close drawers.

PDP Wood Frame Bed Image1

Timeless Essentials to Elevate Your Entire Bedroom.

Experience everyday luxury with this refined collection of quintessential furniture. Inspired by simplified silhouettes and made modern with thoughtful detailing, we meticulously craft each design to offer a sense of comfort and sophistication, setting the perfect backdrop to your favorite bedding layers.

PDP 2-Drawer Wood Nightstand Image2

Architecturally Inspired and Artisanally Crafted.

From the intentionally aligned wood grain to the soft curves of the silhouettes, elements of this collection are inspired by the alluring archways unique to Boll & Branch. These subtle details bring a softness to each design, creating the perfect balance of form and function in a timeless, durable piece you’ll love for years to come.