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From Scott & Missy Tannen

Boll & Branch Co-Founders

The most important thing we have ever made is a choice.

When we went shopping back in 2013, we weren’t planning to start a new company. We had recently bought our first king-sized bed, and we needed sheets. As we drove to different stores and looked at the sheet sets on offer, we saw hundreds of choices. The trouble is, we didn’t feel good about any one of them. They all seemed similar, and offered no information about where and how they were made. If you’re going to spend every night with something, we thought, it helps to know a little something about it.

There had just been a devastating collapse at a textile factory in Bangladesh that killed more than 1,000 people. As we wandered through aisle after aisle of bedding, we were confronted with the supply chains we unwittingly support every day. Who had farmed the plants and made the products we were looking at, and under what conditions? Who was profiting from it all? And how good, really, can a product be if it endangers the life of the people who make it?

Soon afterwards, we made a decision that took our lives in a wildly different direction. We decided to start a new textile company. One that did right by people. Thousands of products, prototypes, and decisions later, it all boils down to that one choice:

To do what’s right.

It All Starts Organically
From day one, we have engaged a supply chain we’d gladly take home to our mothers.
Organic isn’t a trendy marketing word for us. It is the non-negotiable foundation for our business. By choosing to use 100% organic cotton from our very first day, we have helped pave the way for a better life for tens of thousands of cotton farmers in India. The world of conventional cotton farming is filled with shortcuts and exploitation, and it’s unforgivably dark stuff. In India, the average life expectancy of a cotton farmer is 35 years old, because of potent pesticides on the one hand, and supplier debt leading to preventable suicides on the other.
We have committed to use 100% organic cotton because it makes a better life for the people who grow it, and because its makes a better product for the people who use it. It also saves 90% of the water used in conventional farming methods, and pays premiums to those who plant, ensuring that they remain debt-free.
This helps us all sleep a bit better at night.
Because the purity and safety of our products is the promise we built our brand on, we also use third party verification to ensure that all of our raw material meets international standards for organic farming.

We’ve also paid nearly $500,000 in additional wages to farmers and factory workers to sustain living wages.

Last year, we bought

2.4 million pounds

of Fair Trade seed cotton, helping keep

12,800 farmers

out of debt.

Integrity in Manufacturing:
Human Rights Are Never a Luxury
It’s no secret that conventional textile factories commit some pretty serious workplace abuses. The garment industry drives a demand for low overhead and quick turnaround, leading to dangerous and untenable working conditions. Employees, some of whom are children, work long hours without proper rest, accommodations, or pay.
But accepting the status quo is a choice, and we choose to reject it. Boll & Branch, was founded to do better by people. We manufacture in India, Portugal, and the U.S., and our products are made by adults, who are paid fairly, treated with respect, and who work at will. We do not employ child labor, and frankly, we don’t look too kindly on anyone who does.
Because of these standards we hold, we were proud to become the first Fair Trade Certified™ manufacturer of linens. We’re proud of that honor, but more importantly, we’re proud that many of our factory employees have become like family to us.

Our Impact: Because we boat our goods, we have saved 21,252 metric tons of carbon emissions.

That’s equivalent to saving the greenhouse emissions from over

4,500 cars

a year.

Better for the planet:
The planet is in precarious shape. And every choice we make today needs to be something we can defend to our children. Were we helping? Were we doing all we can?
Conventionally grown cotton uses more insecticide than any other crop in the world. Pesticides and insecticides are distributed (with very little transparency) by major agribusiness firms and have a well-proven track record of harming the soil, air quality, the waterways, and the surrounding biological diversity where they’re used. Additionally, when you bring conventionally grown cotton into your house, it can harbor traces of the chemicals used to treat it, causing irritation, rashes and dizziness.
When cotton is grown organically, it substantially reduces the harm done to the environment around it. For pest control, we use marigolds instead of chemicals. Organic cotton also uses 90% less water. To us, it’s a no-brainer. A safer, more sustainable raw material that makes a softer, more luxurious product? Sign us up for literally 2.8 million pounds of it.
But, unfortunately, organic cotton only accounts for 1% of cotton grown throughout the world. Once your bedroom and bathroom are outfitted in organic cotton from Boll & Branch, we hope you’ll seek it out from other suppliers for your wardrobe, too.

In 2018, our organic cotton saved 592,923,320 gallons of water.

Beyond organic cotton: choose no evil.

We are deeply committed to using sustainable raw materials throughout our business. This isn’t a “mostly” or “wherever we can” disclaimer that marketers put on their products to make people feel good. We’re not into asterisks*. We commit to our choices, 100%.

Therefore, 100% of our product:

- Is made without harmful chemicals, pesticides or GMOs

- Is made with sustainable raw materials

- Had responsible waste and water management treatment

- Was made in factories that prioritize worker’s empowerment and sustainable incomes

- 100% of our packaging is made from recycled paper and can be recycled and/or repurposed

- 100% of our outer shippers are FSC certified

*unless they’re fun

What gets us out of bed every morning? You.

Better for you:
The golden rule is central to our company, and our customers are at the center of every choice we make, every day.
We develop the kind of products that we want to see in the world—safer, smarter, longer-lasting—and we spare no detail in perfecting them.
Because we skip various middlemen in the process of turning cotton seeds into a finished product, we’re able to sell what we make for a fair price. For the quality you get, and for the durability you can expect, we promise you this: there is nothing on the market, not even at several times the price, that compares to your Boll & Branch purchase. We’re certain of it.
And just to make extra-sure, we offer a 30-night guarantee.
Everything you bring into your home is your own choice. We choose to make products that have a positive impact on our fellow human beings and the world around us. If you choose to join millions of people and support this idea, we can assure you of some very sweet dreams ahead.

Because better choices make a better night’s sleep. - Missy Tannen

Our Belief: There's a better way.

One that values not only the beauty of the end product, but the journey it’s traveled as well.

Missy Tannen