Beautiful on the outside, as well as the inside.

Eco-friendly, believe it or not.

Our Signature Box is made from 100% recycled board, a water-soluble glossy varnish, and water-based adhesives. Once the ribbon is removed, it’s fully recyclable. It's beautiful in every possible way.

Reducing waste while protecting our products.

Instead of discarding left-over pieces of fabric that remain while we manufacture our products, we use them to create buttoned storage bags. These bags add a touch of class while protecting our sheets during their journey across the ocean to our Warehouse in Devens, Massachusetts.

You can recycle, but we'd rather you re-use.

You can recycle, but we’d rather you re-use. Many of our customers reuse the boxes and bags to store linens, crafting supplies, and even toys and ornaments! Show us how you’ve used yours by tagging your Instagram and Twitter posts with @bollandbranch and #BollandBranch.