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How to Style a Quilt - 3 Easy Ways

Quilts are often associated with classic, heirloom style. As an essential bedding piece, they add an extra layer of warmth and sophistication to any bedroom suite. They're a great mid-weight option, easy to pull on and off the bed, and a way to add dimension to your bed. One of the questions we hear most from our customers is how to style a quilt. To help, we had our design consultants detail 3 easy ways to style your quilt and add interest to your bedding.

Boll & Branch has several quilt sets, including the Signature Stripe Quilt Set, the Signature Basketweave Quilt Set, and the Reserve Lattice Quilt Set. Each style is available in a variety of nature-inspired colorways to bring a calming touch to your room. Follow our design guide for inspiration on how to elevate your bedroom with this key bedding layer.

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Style No. 1: Over Your Duvet

One of the easiest ways to style your quilt is by layering it over your duvet. A decorative quilt makes a great accessory to add some color and a cozy feel. To achieve this look, start by making your bed as normal. We suggest that you lay your duvet on the bed, fold it back a quarter, and then fold it again to the base of your shams. From there, neatly fold your quilt and place it atop your duvet. 

You can adjust the placement to either the center of your bed, or the foot of your bed, based on personal preference. Having the quilt at the foot of your bed can provide an extra cozy feel, perfect for those chilly nights. 

This style is great for anyone who wants a sophisticated look in the bedroom. You may not necessarily need the quilt for sleeping, so when you get into bed at the end of the day, simply remove the quilt and fold it neatly off to the side of the bed. This style is perfect for warm sleepers who may not need the extra layer on a nightly basis, but want access to extra comfort on cooler evenings. 

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Style No. 2: Under Your Duvet

Another simple, yet elegant look, is to style a quilt under your duvet. Follow a few easy steps to achieve the polished style. 

First, tuck the quilt in over your flat sheet. Then fold the quilt using hospital corners at the bottom. Fold the top edge down to create interest to your top and/or fitted sheets. Finally, place the duvet over the bed, and fold it back halfway to add additional fluffy depth, exposing each layer of the style. 

Layering your quilt under your duvet is great for any sleeper, whether you are hot or cold at night. For those looking for extra warmth, pull up your duvet for a plush top layer. If you’re looking to sleep a bit lighter, fold your duvet to the side of your bed and just use the top sheet and quilt at night.

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Style No. 3: As Your Main Top Layer

Styling your quilt as the main top layer on your bed is the perfect way to achieve a fresh, simplistic look in the bedroom. Easily recreate this look in your home by tucking your sheets as usual, then layering the quilt on top with hospital corners (fold the quilt under the foot of your bed, and then fold the top edge of the quilt back and then tuck all additional fabric under each side of your mattress). Add a light final layer at the foot of the bed with a contrasting bed blanket. 

This style is great for someone who sleeps hot at night, and during warmer months wants a sophisticated look that instantly elevates the bedroom.

Why should you use a quilt?

Using a quilt is a great way to add interest, eye catching contrast, and a modern appeal to any bedroom. Depending on the style, a quilt can make a room feel warmer on those chilly nights. It’s also an easy way to make a guest suite exude elegance for your next overnight visitor. 

Sleep even better by choosing a quilt made of the highest quality. Ours are ethically-made with 100% organic cotton threads. The buttery-soft feel of our quilts makes them an easy, breathable, all-season layer. 

Each of our quilts features incredible needlework and relentless attention to detail in the creation process. They are a great modern heirloom piece for the bedroom to add texture and color to your bedding.

Explore our Quilt Collection to find the perfect one for your style.