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Pillow Size and Dimension Guide: Find the Best Size for You

Pillows aren’t one size fits all. If you’re looking to refresh your pillow set, invest in more comfortable ones, or change your bed frame and mattress, you’ll need to know what size pillows to get. 

We’ll explain each different pillow size and what it’s best for so you can design your perfect space. 

Pillow Dimensions Size Chart

To find the best pillows for your setup, measure the width of your bed and compare it to each pillow’s measurements in the size chart below. 

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Pillow Size

Measurements (inches)

Measurements (cm)


20 x 26 in

51 x 66 cm

Super Standard

20 x 28 in

51 x 71 cm


20 x 30 in

51 x 76 cm


20 x 36 in

51 x 92 cm

Euro pillow

26 x 26 cm

66 x 66 cm


20 x 54 in

51 x 137 cm

If you can’t measure your bed for any reason, we’ve still got you covered. Read on to find out more about each type of pillow and what kind of bed they’re best for. 

Standard Pillow Size

A standard pillow measures 20 by 26 inches (51 x 66 cm). Like the name suggests, this pillow size is universal and can fit on any sized bed, from twin to California King. One standard pillow fits comfortably on a twin or twin XL bed, and two standard pillows will sit nicely side by side on a full or queen size bed. 

As far as pillowcases go, for standard pillows, a standard sized pillowcase will create the most snug fit. You can also use queen or king sized pillowcases on a standard pillow, but the case will hang very loosely. For that reason, we suggest using a standard size pillowcase on standard pillows for the best fit. 

Super Standard Pillow Size

A super standard pillow measures 20 by 28 inches (51 x 71 cm). This means they’re two inches longer than a standard pillow, making them roomier than a standard pillow. If you want a pillow that’s slightly longer than a standard, but not as long as a queen, the super standard pillow is the perfect in-between size. 

Just like with standard pillows, two super standard pillows will fit on a full or queen size bed. A standard, super standard, or queen pillowcase will all fit a super standard pillow. Queen pillowcases will have a looser fit, whereas standard pillowcases will fit more tightly. 

Queen Pillow Size

A queen pillow measures 20 by 30 inches (51 x 76 cm). Queen pillows aren’t as common as standard pillows, but they can also fit in a standard pillowcase. 

Queen pillows are designed to fit queen beds and will fit more precisely since they’re four inches longer than their standard counterparts. If you have a queen sized bed and you want less space between pillows or between the edge of your pillow and the edge of your mattress, queen pillows are ideal. 

King Pillow Size

A king pillow measures 20 by 36 inches (51 x 92 cm), making them 10 inches longer than a standard pillow. Two of these pillows will fit perfectly across a king bed. Their longer length also makes them more ideal for California king and split king beds. 

You can use a king pillow on non-king beds, but they may look oversized and hang over the side of your bed. King size pillows are too big to fit standard or queen pillowcases, and so you’ll need king size pillowcases, too. 

Euro Pillow Size

A Euro pillow measures 26 by 26 inches (66 x 66 cm). In the U.S., they’re most commonly used for relaxing activities in bed like reading or watching TV. They also add sophisticated dimension by creating a fuller, more formal looking bed.

Since they’re square instead of rectangular, you’ll need a European pillowcase to fit a Euro pillow. No other pillowcase sizes (standard, queen, body, etc) will fit a square pillow. 

Body Pillow Size

A body pillow measures 20 by 54 inches (51 x 137 cm). A body pillow will fit across queen or king size beds. Body pillows are usually less of an aesthetic choice and more of a healthy one. Side sleepers use them for upper arm, leg, and torso support to help alleviate pain, pressure, and tossing and turning when sleeping.  

Because they’re a specific size, body pillows can only fit body pillow-sized pillowcases. 

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How to Choose a Pillow Size

Your bed is something you use every single day, so it’s important that your pillows are the ideal size for your sleeping style, aesthetic, mattress size and more. Here’s everything you should consider when choosing a pillow size.

Mattress size

Mattress size can have a big impact on how your pillows look when displayed. On a twin bed, a larger pillow like a king or body pillow may hang off the mattress, depending on styling. In the same vein, a set of standard pillows may look too dwarfed when styled on a California king. 

Consider both your mattress’s size and how full or minimalist you want your bed to look once it’s made. 

Sleeping position

Certain pillow sizes may help you sleep better if you sleep in a certain position. Body pillows can bring joint relief and promote better sleep posture for side and stomach sleepers. If you toss and turn a lot in your sleep, a wider pillow size might make bedtime a bit more comfortable. 

Bedroom style/aesthetic 

Different pillow sizes will change the overall look and feel of your bedroom, especially when it comes to your pillow arrangements. Layering Euro pillows in front of or behind standard pillows, for example, creates sophistication and dimension. Stacking standard or king pillows can create a contemporary look. Pillow styling can be further enhanced with color, pattern, and texture in pillowcases. 

Understand what vibe you’re going for to choose the right pillow to fit your desired aesthetic. 

Cost and value

Bigger pillows and pillowcases will cost more. If you're furnishing a guest or less frequently used bedroom, standard size pillows might make more sense than something larger. 

However, bedding is always an investment. If you’re intent on having your current bedroom for a long time, it could be worth it to splurge on bedding you’ll use for years to come. Pillows with high quality fill and high density will last longer and provide you with more comfort each night. 


Going with a standard or super standard pillow or pillowcases means that you can use them on multiple bed sizes. Their versatility will make it easier to style them and swap them out throughout your home.

Buying more specific or specialized sizes means you won’t be able to interchange your pillows as easily, which could be inconvenient.  

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How to Measure a Pillow

Before you order new pillowcases or a new mattress, it’s a good idea to measure your pillows to make sure they’ll fit the way you want them to. To measure a pillow: 

1. Take your pillow out of its case (if it has one)

2. Lay your pillow on a flat surface

3. With a flexible measuring tape, measure from inside seam to inside seam across the length and width of your pillow. Measure alongside the bottom edges of your pillow instead of the center for more accurate results. 

4. Write down your pillow’s measurements for future reference (optional) 

Pair Your Pillow with the Right Size Pillowcase

Pillowcases are generally slightly bigger than pillows. The one exception is Euro pillowcases—these actually run small to give Euro pillows more of a plush look. 

Most pillowcases can fit a standard pillowcase, again with a couple of exceptions. King and body pillows both call for specific pillowcases to fit their unique dimensions. 

Looking for new pillowcases to give your bed a luxe feel? Explore our uniquely soft and durable pillowcase and sham sets to complete your dream bedroom. And if you’re looking to make your pillow inserts last as long as possible, we also recommend using pillow protectors, which help prevent the build up of dust and allergens over time.