Why We Stand for Thread Quality, Not Thread Count

The greatest myth in bedding is that a number can tell you everything you need to know about a fabric. While thread count is often used to describe quality, it only measures fabric density; it says nothing about the feeling or durability of the fabric. 

Blog - Thread Quality over Thread Count

From the beginning, we’ve prioritized sourcing the finest organic raw materials on earth. Weave and fabric density matter, but for superior softness, the feel and durability of the yarn matter more. 

Quality can’t be quantified. Thread count is simply a measure of fabric density: how many threads are in one square inch of fabric. Both the vertical and horizontal yarns of the fabric are counted to determine thread count.  This number can’t tell you everything, but it does tell you one important thing. Too low (at 180) and you’d be able to lift a fabric to the light and see tiny holes. Too high, (at 1,000) and you know something has been manipulated to get more threads into this one inch square fabric. Manufacturers can inflate their threads using multiple-ply yarn (where many individual threads are twisted around each other). Multi-ply threads jam-packed together generally result in heavier, scratchier and less durable bedding.

The highest quality fabrics come from the highest quality threads.

Since our beginning, we’ve sourced the finest long-staple 100% organic cotton we could find on earth. This organic cotton is so scarce, it represents less than 3% of available cotton today. It’s prized for its purity and for its shape: we use long-staple cotton because it creates a smoother, flatter weave for our softer-than-soft hand-feel. 

Unlike most everyone else in the bedding industry, our work starts at the seed. We hand-select the cotton that makes our fabric, specifying the specs of the fiber (not just the yarn). Each choice that follows is made without compromise. Our products are 100% traceable from family farm for your family home, so that we can guarantee the purity of our product, that every fabric is made free from toxins and that all of our partners are paid and treated fairly.  The result is always a finer thread.

Blog - Thread Quality over Quantity (Drop 1)

What to look for when you shop for high quality bedding.

The most important qualities to look for: 

Organic: made with purer processes than conventional cotton. 

GOTS Certified: made to the highest standards of the third-party global verification (more on this here). Long-staple: made with cotton in it’s finest form (the longer the staple, the better the end experience, more on this here). Free from toxins: made without harmful chemicals, pesticides and GMOs.  Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX: made using materials tested for harmful substances. 

Where you should start to experience the highest quality threads…

Our first ever fabric: bestselling Signature. We brought our tireless investment in thread quality to a relentless design process, featuring countless weave trials of varying yarn width. In the end, we pioneered an unparalleled experience our customers know and love. 

Signature’s iconic four-over-one-under weave provides a buttery hand-feel and a breathable, four-season weight. But it’s the long-staple organic cotton we use that delivers Signature’s most outstanding quality: with every wash, our long-staple organic cotton threads expand in the four-over-one-under weave, creating a softer and softer hand-feel over time. Thanks to the natural durability of organic cotton, Signature Sheet Sets and Duvet Sets will maintain their heirloom quality for generations to come. 

Discover the difference yourself, and start with our Signature Hemmed Sheet Set

Blog - Thread Quality over Thread Count