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About Us

What is the inspiration behind the name Boll & Branch?

Think about it from the ground up. Cotton is a soft, delicate fiber that grows in a ‘boll’—the protective case surrounding the cotton seed—and an extension of the supportive ‘branch.’ We have always committed to supporting and protecting organic cotton farmers in the developing world who have been marginalized and extorted by big name corporations for generations. Metaphorically speaking, the boll does for the cotton seed as we strive to do for those who dedicate their lives to the farming and crafting of organic cotton. The cotton boll and branch are the foundation of our company, and everything we are able to do begins in the simplest form of the cotton plant. Read our blog entry for more information!

Where are your products made?

We searched the globe near and far in search of the best cotton, and ended up finding what we were looking for in Orissa, India. Our sateen and towel products are made with sustainable practices in India by people who earn respect and fair wages for their work, which means your business supports economic opportunity to a special group of cotton growers who have historically been underserved by big business. Our flannel products are made sustainably in Portugal by expert artisans who have mastered the tradition of flannel manufacturing and design, and the cotton used to create flannel originates from Turkey. Learn more about where our products are made by reading our blog entry!

What are the benefits of organic cotton?

We’re glad you asked! Switching to organic cotton has a number of benefits for you, your family and your global neighbors. The environmental effects are astounding: farmers are able to grow cotton without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides, preventing seepage and contamination into the groundwater that is so essential to the health and safety of local communities. This also means that you and your family can have a truly peaceful sleep, knowing that our products are pure, grown naturally and provide opportunity for so many people. Three cheers for a feel-good sleep, inside and out!

Is your packaging eco-friendly?

When you invest in our thoughtfully-made products, you receive the whole package! Like our textile products, our packaging is eco-friendly and sustainably-produced. Our white gift boxes are made without the use of laminations that prevent conventional boxes from being recycled. With a 100% recycled board, aqueous varnish and water-based adhesives, recycled contents make up more than 80% of each box. In addition to using recycled materials, we produce our boxes in a socially and environmentally focused factory, which is SA8000 certified, an accreditation for social accountability in the workplace.

Our Products

What does thread count mean, and why does it matter?

Thread count is simply the industry’s standard measurement of the number of vertical and horizontal threads contained within one square inch of fabric. Thread count isn’t necessarily an accurate indicator of fabric quality, nor it doesn’t ensure that you’re purchasing the safest or softest option. At Boll & Branch, we take thread count, softness, breathability, and sustainability into consideration to create the highest quality sheets for you and your family—you’re welcome! Read our blog entry for more information.

What thread count are Boll & Branch sheets?

Our signature sateen sheets are woven to a 300 thread count, delivering a breathability and softness that will instantly make them your go-to bedding. Because we use ultra-premium single-ply organic cotton to create them, our sheets have an optimal balance of lightweight feel, softness, durability and quality. In short: they’re designed to be the softest, most comfortable sheets you will ever sleep in! You can read more on Thread Count by visiting our blog entry!

What is a sateen weave?

Remember this: many factors affect the final result of the look and feel of a bed sheet. Our sateen sheets are made with the characteristic four-over-one-under weave to achieve a super soft and luxurious finish, while maintaining a balanced breathability. You can learn more about our sateen weave by reading our blog entry.

Do you offer fabric swatches?

Yes, please contact our customer experience team at 1-800-678-3234 and we’d be glad to send you swatches.

How deep are your fitted sheets?

All our fitted sheets have a 17-inch deep pocket. They also come with a full elastic banding that’s sewn around the edge for a little extra flexibility, ensuring a generous fit over even the deepest mattresses. See? Every detail really does matter to us!

Do Boll & Branch sheets wrinkle?

As with all of our products, we like to let nature run its course. This is why your 100% organic sheets may wrinkle more easily than conventional “wrinkle resistant” bed sheets that have been soaked with harsh chemicals or waxes. Don’t worry, bedding perfectionists can still iron! Check out our laundry care guide for more information!

Can I add a gift note to my order?

Of course! But remember, gift notes must be added at the time of purchase. To add a gift note, scroll over the shopping bag in the top right hand corner and click, “Add A Gift Note.” After entering your note, please save your changes by clicking, “Save Note.” If you have any difficulty with this process, please contact Customer Experience at (800) 678-3234 before checkout.
If you want to add a gift note after completing your order, please contact Customer Experience within 15 minutes of the purchase. Because we pack and ship your orders as quickly as possible to ensure the fastest delivery to your home, we cannot guarantee that a gift note can be added after purchase.

Do you offer gift wrapping on orders?

Our bed sheets, duvet covers and throw blankets come in our celebrated white gift box, while the remainder of our products come in an equally beautiful presentation. We do not offer additional gift wrapping services, because we’re sure your gift recipient will adore our signature packaging!

Do I need to wash my sheets before using?

Our sheets are shipped to you oversized to account for the slight, natural shrinkage that will occur after their necessary first wash. Why is this important? Because our production process is free of any harmful chemical sizing agents like formaldehyde or other laundering practices to pre-shrink the final product. We avoid those steps to remain true to our organic certified standards—and minimize the environmental impact of production by using less water, heat and other additives. If your sheets fit looser in the beginning, rest assured that after the first couple of washes your sheets will have the perfect fit.


Can I use a discount code when purchasing a gift card?

No, discounts are only valid on physical merchandise sold. Since gift cards are monetary sums, we do not offer discounts on cash values.

How can I cancel an order?

To cancel your order, please contact Customer Experience at (800) 678-3234 within 5 minutes of checking out. Because we pack and ship your orders quickly to make sure you can enjoy them as soon as possible, cancellations are not guaranteed and can only be made during business hours M–F, 9AM–5PM EST. If we are unable to cancel your order in the allotted time, please go to www.returns.bollandbranch.com once you receive your package to start the easy return process.

How do I place an order as a gift order?

When checking out online, there will be an option to click "Gift Message." From there you will be able to write the gift note for your order. Please note, all of our packages come with an invoice indicating the product ordered without price.
If you have forgotten to add a gift note, please contact Customer Experience at (800) 678-3234 within the first 15 minutes of placing your order. We will be happy to help you!

Where can I check my order status?

Check your order status at any time here. Enter your order number and email address to view current status and order details, or download a copy of your invoice. As soon as it becomes available—typically within one business day—you can access tracking information by clicking the “Track Your Order” link at the top right.


How do I apply a coupon to an order?

Coupon codes can be applied at checkout on the right-hand side of the screen. Only one coupon code is allowed per order. If you forget to add your coupon code at checkout, don’t worry. Our Customer Experience team is more than happy to help. Just click here to send them a note!

If I entered the wrong billing address, what should I do?

Please contact our Customer Experience Team at (800) 678-3234 and we will correct this for you as soon as possible!

Why is my credit card charged upon order placement?

Your security is our priority! As a policy, Boll & Branch does not store any credit card information and, therefore, we must charge credit cards at the time of ordering. Of course, orders can be cancelled before shipment for a full refund.

Will I be charged sales tax?

For customers in Massachusetts and New Jersey, state sales tax will apply. Sales tax will be calculated and reflected in your Order Summary at checkout, after the shipping address has been entered.

Shipping & Deliveries

Which shipping carrier do you use?

We currently use UPS and USPS. Please note that USPS is used for P.O. Box deliveries.

Can I change my shipping address once my order has been placed?

Our Customer Experience team can typically help you change an address within 15 minutes of placing your order during business hours Monday–Friday, 9AM–5PM EST. Please call (800) 678-3234 for assistance. Keep in mind, because we package and ship orders to be delivered as soon as possible, we cannot guarantee a change of shipping address. If you are unable to change the shipping address of your order within the allotted time, please visit once you receive your package to start the return process.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

We sure do! All orders come with an expedited option for either one-day or two-day shipping at checkout. There is an additional cost for expedited shipping, $39.00 for one-day and $22.00 for two-day shipping. Expedited shipping is not currently available for P.O. Boxes and APO shipments.

How quickly will I receive my order?

Can’t wait for your cotton goodies? Orders placed before 2PM EST generally ship the same business day, and all ground orders typically ship within 24 business hours of being placed. Once shipped, ground orders typically arrive 3–5 business days from the time they leave our warehouse. All orders will be delivered Monday-Friday, as we do not offer weekend delivery.

Where is my order shipping from?

All orders are hand packed and shipped out of our warehouse in Devens, MA.


How do I exchange?

Unfortunately at this time, we do not take exchanges. You can simply return your item and repurchase the item of your choosing! To start your return process as a gift recipient, please visit returns.bollandbranch.com/gifts, or if you are the original purchaser, please visit returns.bollandbranch.com. For gift recipients, please be aware you will receive store credit in the form of a Digital Gift Card once your return has been processed.

Can I return a gift?

Yes, and don't worry—the purchaser will never be notified. You can return a gift within 30 days of delivery for store credit in the form of a Digital Gift Card. Please go to returns.bollandbranch.com/gifts to start your return today!

Do you charge for return shipping?

Absolutely not! We make things easy for you by offering free returns within 30 days of your orders delivery! Please go to returns.bollandbranch.com to receive your UPS return shipping label.

What is your return policy?

You can return any item within 30 days of the delivery date for a refund to the original form of payment or store credit. Please note although refunds are immediate on our end it will take between 3–10 business days for your statement to show the refund. Please go to returns.bollandbranch.com to start your return today!

How can I return my order?

Easy! Please visit returns.bollandbranch.com to begin your returns process. Enter the email address used for your order, and we will send instructions on how to get your pre-paid shipping label. If you decide to use your own shipping label, please return the product to 66 Saratoga Blvd, Devens, MA, 01434, United States.

I accidentally ordered the wrong item, can I exchange it?

Although we do not accept direct exchanges, we do offer a full refund or store credit in the form of a Digital Gift Card within our 30 day returns policy through returns.bollandbranch.com! From there, you can place a new order using your refund or Digital Gift Card. Please contact Customer Experience by clicking here if you need any assistance.

Laundry Care

What is the best way to care for my Boll & Branch products?

Our products are designed to last and age beautifully. With that being said, it’s important to care for your items so they can reach their optimal potential, remembering that the cotton fibers are delicate and require special attention. Check out our Laundry Care Page for all the details, and read our blog entry for more information!

Color Descriptions

What is the difference between Natural and Ivory colors?

Our Natural color option is untouched and undyed cotton that will show the beautiful “freckles,” or remnants of cotton seeds. Our Ivory color, on the other hand, is dyed a solid, creamy, off-white color. You can learn more about Natural vs. Ivory in our blog entry!