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The Artisans of Kolapur, India

Masters in Craft

We were interested in partnering with the artisans of Kolapur because of their capabilities: their large-scale factory offers the chance to work with advanced machinery. Despite being large, they’re incredibly organized and well-run. This was vital to us. In order to preserve the integrity of our organic cotton, it can’t be mixed with conventional cotton products. Everything has to be kept separate. If a machine needs to be shared, it has to be cleaned before our organic cotton touches it. Because this partner wanted to be in the luxury bedding space and shared our vision for quality, they were willing to invest in building a new, unique supply chain for us.

Maker The Artisans of Kolapur, India

Preserving a Human Touch

When we visit the artisans of Kolapur, we’re continually inspired by their investment in technology. A special embroidery machine, for example, features enough needles (100+) to make the embroidery on our Signature Basketweave Quilt—a technique that takes eight times longer than conventional quiltmaking. And yet, this partner understands how vital a hand-finish is to all of our products. Their most skilled tailors work on the Boll & Branch line. It’s the personal relationship first started by our founders Scott and Missy Tannen, and now maintained by our merchants, product development team, and designers, that remains core to our joint success.