Meet the Maker - The Artisans of Missouri, U.S.A. | Boll & Branch


A Personal Touch

A pioneer in fragrance, this American candle and diffuser maker is distinguished for its people-powered process. We wanted to work with this partner because of the high standards they hold for quality in manufacturing. When so many competitors mass produce home fragrances, this partner invested in the passion and talents of a small midwest town, making all products in small batches, with hand-assembly at each of its fragrance-making steps.

Pouring wax into candle

Quality Above All

This partner has prioritized quality from their beginning, so when we asked to make a wax without paraffins and candles with an organic cotton wick, they were excited for the challenge. Sourcing the highest quality ingredients and developing scents that brought to life key themes for Boll & Branch, this partner brought a deeper level of thoughtfulness and consideration to every step. Before one of our home fragrance products reaches you, 10 of our partner’s team members give it their special finishing touch.