Meet the Maker - The Tailors of Guimaraes, Portugal | Boll & Branch

The Tailors of Guimaraes

Experts in Flannel Making

Located in the rolling hills of Portugal, this family-run factory has more than seven decades of experience in fine textiles. Its expertise is world renowned, both for its heritage of flannel making, and its investment in generational talent and modern machinery. We partner with them because of their expertise—and because they can flawlessly execute a finish that distinguishes our flannel from all others, shearing it for a smooth hand-feel and naturally reducing the appearance of pills. Together, we’re able to make a heritage fabric in a modern, luxurious way.

The Tailors of Guimaraes

Long-Standing Partners

We’ve worked with this partner almost since our beginning, and hold it in high esteem for how beautifully run, sophisticated, and organized their factory is. We were able to create a supply chain to source Fair Trade Certified organic cotton. This was something they hadn’t done before. By working together to prioritize this goal, we improved both our processes and our standards.