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Meet the Makers - Tailors of Kolkata

A Shared Vision

Located in a busy city on the east coast of India, this small, family-owned factory of expert tailors has been our partner since the very beginning, a match founded on similar visions for changing manufacturing processes in the textile industry. As most important relationships start, ours came through a shared passion for a material no one was investing in: organic cotton. A close bond formed between the factory owner and our founders Scott and Missy Tannen. Spending time with each other’s families and dreaming of fabrics made in different, better ways, we overhauled the factory’s supply chain together and created fabrics—like our Waffle Bed Blanket—in a way that no one else had before.

Meet the Maker The Tailors of Kolkata, India

Pioneers at Heart

Over the course of our partnership, this factory has grown with our business. Our criteria for quality changed the way they operated: an auditing house helped us set new standards for preserving the integrity of our organic cotton at every step; a shared mission helped us create higher standards for the ethical treatment and investment in every worker; our rigorous attention to detail unlocked innovative tailoring techniques to differentiate our products.