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Meet the Maker The Weavers & Tailors of Tamil Nadu

A Long-Term Relationship

Incredible weavers, this partner has made a lot of our base fabrics almost going back to our beginning. So they have been part of the making of some of our customer favorites. Through this history, we have come back to this team to explore what more we can do together. They understand our standards of quality, and we know what they’re capable of, so it’s truly a partnership of being better and better.

The Weavers & Tailors of Tamil Nadu

A Passion for Innovation

While we make several products with this partner, a great example of this partner’s talents is the way they worked with us to turn our customer-favorite Waffle Bed Blanket, which is made at a different weaver, into a Duvet Set, which is actually a completely different product. We wanted to produce the same hand-feel, but create a weave that holds its structure around a duvet insert. We did many weave trials to structure this fabric just right.