Better products begin with better ethics.

Boll & Branch was founded in 2014 to offer consumers industry-leading luxury bedding and goods from the ground up. As the textile industry is wrought with unfair and inhumane practices (including unethical treatment of labor workers, dangerous toxins and unsafe factories, to name a few), we set out to right those wrongs and implement ethical practices across our entire supply chain. We directly source the world’s finest organic cotton to create better-end products, all while remaining rooted in fairness from farmer to factory worker, making it a win-win for every stakeholder.


We don’t do what’s easiest.

We do what’s right.

When we saw the impact our sheets could have on the lives of the people who make them, we knew we wanted to make more products. We have since expanded our offering from solely sheets to duvets and shams, towels, knit blankets, seasonal knit scarves and baby sheets and blankets. Each is made to exacting standards of quality, softness and durability. And each is made with respect for the human and environmental resources that make it possible.

We sell directly so you pay less

By selling directly to you and sparing the marketing gimmicks, expensive retail stores, middlemen markups and licensing fees, you get luxury linens for a fraction of the price of traditional retailers.

Considered sourcing, from the ground up

Boll & Branch is the only home brand with complete transparency and traceability in its supply chain. We know exactly where each product is manufactured and the farm that the cotton grew on, down to the parcel of land and the name of the farmer.

The people who grow and make Boll & Branch products aren’t an abstraction. They’re human beings just like us, and from the organic farmers we partner with to the people who weave, dye and finish the cotton, we treat them accordingly. We have personal relationships with our partners and take real care to treat everyone with the fairness and respect that they’re due. So far, Boll & Branch has improved the lives of tens of thousands people at our partner farms and production facilities in India. And every purchase made on this site helps to drive that number higher.