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Bed Blanket and Throw Blanket Size Guide

Bed blankets keep you snug at night, and throw blankets keep you cozy while lounging and napping. Throw blankets also offer texture and style to chairs, couches, and the foot of your bed. But how big is too big for a throw? How much space should your throw blanket be able to cover? 

To help you find the best possible blanket, we’ll cover throw blanket sizing and how they compare to bed blankets. 

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What is a Throw Blanket?

A throw blanket is a lightweight, multipurpose blanket. Throw blankets can be used for decoration, as an actual blanket, or both. 

Unlike other types of blankets, throw blankets aren’t confined to bedroom use. In fact, it’s super common for throw blankets to be found on couches, chairs, and other furniture. This versatile layering option is often chosen for the way it adds color and texture to a living room, home office, or nursery.

Throw blankets also come in many different textures and materials, including but not limited to cotton, wool, velvet, and cashmere. 

What Size is a Throw Blanket?

A standard throw blanket is 50 inches wide x 60 inches tall. While this is a great size for staying comfy, a standard throw blanket is not big enough to cover you when you sleep. That’s where bed blankets come in. 

However, our throw blankets run a little bigger than a standard throw to give you a bit of extra coziness: 

Cable Knit Throw: 50 x 70 inches

Sweater Knit Throw: 50 x 70 inches

Alpaca Knit Throw: 50 x 72 inches

Reserve Alpaca Throw: 60 x 88 inches

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What is a Bed Blanket?

A bed blanket is exactly what you’d think it is—a blanket designed to optimally cover your bed and keep you at the perfect temperature. Bed blankets are stylish and add a nice finishing touch to your overall bed look and feel. 

Unlike throw blankets, bed blankets are specifically made for beds, rather than other furniture in your household. 

Bed Blanket Sizes

Because bed blankets are made for beds, they come in various sizes. They run larger than mattress sizes to account for different styling, like folding, overhanging, and tucking.

If you’re looking to get a bed blanket, here are the different sizes available and their corresponding measurements: 

Bed Blanket Size

Measurements (inches)

Measurements (cm)


74”W x 91”L

188 W x 231 L 


96”W x 96”L

244 W x 244 L

King/California King

112”W x 96”L

284.5 W X 244 L

Throw Blanket vs Bed Blanket: Key Differences

The main differences between throw blankets and bed blankets are: 

- Size: A bed blanket is significantly wider and longer than a throw blanket. Bed blankets are designed to match the size of your bed frame, hence why they come in corresponding twin, full/queen, and king/California king sizes. 

- Style: A bed blanket is spread across an entire bed, whereas a throw is designed to rest folded on the furniture it's placed. 

- Function: Bed blankets will keep you snug while you sleep, while throw blankets aren’t designed for nightly use. Throw blankets are better for more casual or decorative use, like keeping cozy while watching a movie or adding interest to accent furniture. 

How to Choose a Throw or Bed Blanket

Still not sure which blanket is right for you? Consider each of the following qualities to help you decide: 

- Your height: The taller you are, the bigger a blanket will need to be to cover you. A bed blanket works for all heights, whereas a throw may fall short. 

- The size of your furniture: With a chair, a couch, or even a sectional, a throw blanket will suffice. For a full size bed on the other hand, a bed blanket or our largest throw blanket would both be great options. 

- Desired material: Our bed blankets come in a variety of soft, luxurious textures and fabrics to suit your style, like waffle, cotton, knit, and alpaca. Likewise, our throws come in the finest alpaca, cotton, and knit available, so you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. 

- How you want to style it: If you want a blanket that will look good no matter where it is, a throw might make more sense than a bed blanket. But if you’re looking to get a throw solely for the texture and aesthetic aspects, still give our bed blankets a look: each of our bed blankets is designed to offer beautiful texture. Our Waffle Bed Blanket adds incredible texture to any bedding. 

- Desired function: There’s a big difference between wanting a blanket to go to bed with versus wanting one for decoration. If you want something that can be used for both, a throw could be your answer.