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Bed Sheet Size and Dimension Guide

Not too big, not too small—having the right size of the best bed sheets makes a night and day difference. By day, you can quickly make your bed without having to stretch and tug at corners, or deal with too much overhang from a poorly proportioned top sheet. By night, you’ll have plenty of fabric to keep you warm (especially important if you sleep with a partner) and won’t have a fitted sheet that slips off and interrupts your sleep. 

Luckily, there’s no guesswork in choosing the right size sheets. By taking a quick measurement of your mattress, you can easily select sheets designed for your best bed. Check out our all-inclusive guide below, and start sleeping better every single night.

Bed Sheet Size Chart (inches)


Mattress Size

Fitted Sheet Size 

Flat Sheet Size

Duvet Cover Size

Duvet Insert Size

Bed Blanket Size


38 W x 75 L

39 W x 75 L x 15 D

71 W x 100 L

68 W x 86 L

72 W x 90 L

74 W x 91 L

Twin XL

38 W x 80 L

38 W x 80 L x 17 D

71 W x 108 L

68 W x 86 L

72 W x 90 L

74 W x 91 L


54 W x 75 L

54 W x 75 L x 17 D

86 W x 100 L

88 W x 92 L

92 W x 96 L

96 W x 96 L


60 W x 80 L

60 W x 80 L x 17 D

96 W x 108 L

88 W x 92 L

92 W x 96 L

96 W x 96 L


76 W x 80 L

76 W x 80 L x 17 D

112 W x 108 L

106 W x 92 L

110 W x 96 L

112 W x 96 L

Split King

2 mattresses, each 38 W x 80 L

39 W x 80 L x 17 D

112 W x 108 L

106 W x 92 L

110 W x 96 L

112 W x 96 L

California King

72 W x 84 L 

72 W x 84 L x 17 D

108 W x 112 L

106 W x 92 L

110 W x 96 L

112 W x 96 L

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Remember that some bedding brands have different dimensions than others—especially with fitted sheets, since mattresses come in a wide array of depths. You’ll want to measure the depth of your mattress and choose a fitted sheet that’ll easily wrap around each corner, without having to tug or stretch the fabric. Our fitted sheets are designed with a generous 17” depth, so they’ll accommodate almost all mattresses and beds with mattress toppers. 

Below, we take a deeper dive into each mattress size—breaking down the sheet and duvet dimensions that’ll fit them best. If your mattress doesn’t match any of these sizes, reach out to our team of bedding experts to help you choose the best one.

Twin Mattress (38” Width x 75” Length)

TwinBedding Image (1)

Who sleeps best in a Twin size bed?

Twin beds may be the smallest, but they’re a great option if you have kids in your life. It’s the perfect size for a small person to sleep comfortably, and it frees up more space in your kid’s room—because play time is just as important as bed time. With the right size layers, which they can pull up or take off as needed, both you and your child can get the restful sleep you deserve.

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Twin XL Mattress (38” Width x 80” Length)

TwinXLBedding Image

What’s the difference between a Twin and Twin XL?

If you have a loved one that goes off to college and opts to stay in the dorms, there’s a good chance they’ll be sleeping on a Twin XL mattress. Twin XLs are the same width as a regular Twin bed, but are 5” longer. The added length makes it perfect for a single adult, in a small space where every square foot counts. 

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Full Mattress (54” Width x 75” Length)

FullBedding Image

Is a full size bed right for me?

Full size beds are perhaps the most versatile of them all. Unlike dorm rooms, almost all apartments and homes have space to accommodate this larger size, while leaving extra room for bedside tables and accent furniture. They’re large enough for two adults to sleep comfortably, which makes them perfect for guest rooms, smaller primary suites, and single people with pets (because dogs and cats can be bed hogs, too). 

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Queen Mattress (60” Width x 80” Length)

QueenBedding Image

Should I choose a Queen bed instead of a Full?

While Full size beds work for plenty of single people and couples, many sleep better on a Queen size bed. The extra space gives couples ample room to sleep in their preferred position, and switch positions throughout the night, without waking or disturbing their partner. For singles, a Queen size bed offers more than enough space to cozy up and sleep in whichever position they wish.

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King Mattress (76” Width x 80” Length)

KingBedding Image

Should I upgrade to a King size bed?

Many of us aspire, and work our way up to, a King size bed. It’s a desirable option when space isn’t a concern, and you want the grand look and feel of a generously sized bed. King beds are most common in primary suites, and serve as a beautiful focal point for the entire room. They’re also a popular choice for parents, who spend quality time reading, watching movies, and snuggling up with their kids before bed.

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Split King Mattress (2 Separate Mattresses, Each 38” Width x 80” Length)

SplitKingBedding Image

What is a Split King bed?

Have different sleep habits than your partner? Then a Split King bed is your answer. A Split King consists of two separate Twin XL mattresses, on top of a shared foundation. Separate mattresses minimize motion transfer, which is perfect if you and your partner are on different sleep schedules, or one of you tosses and turns during the night. Plus, you can each choose a different fabric for your fitted sheets.

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California King Mattress (72” Width x 84” Length)

CaliKingBedding Image

What’s the difference between a King and California King?

A common hesitation to choosing a California King is the space they take up, but that shouldn’t deter you. California Kings are only 4 inches longer than a regular King bed, and their width is actually 4 inches shorter—so they have the same surface area, but a slightly different distribution. The longest mattress on the market, California Kings are the best choice if you or your partner are too tall to sleep comfortably on a King or Queen size bed.

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FAQ Image

More Common Questions, Answered by Our Bedding Experts

What’s the difference between a fitted sheet and a flat sheet?

A fitted sheet secures to your mattress with strong elastic banding that surrounds the edges. You sleep on (not under) a fitted sheet, and with the correct size, it’ll stay in place until you take it off for washing. 

A flat sheet lies on top of your fitted sheet, with no elastic around the edges. This is the sheet that you sleep under, and since it’s not secured to your mattress, it’ll move with your body to keep you perfectly covered during the night. 

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What’s the difference between a duvet insert and a duvet cover?

A duvet insert is the plush layer that brings warmth to your bed, and is typically filled with down or down alternative. Ours are made with a super-soft 100% organic cotton shell, but you shouldn’t sleep directly under them. To keep your duvet insert clean and ensure its longevity, you’ll want to wrap it in a removable duvet cover.

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A duvet cover is the fabric that surrounds your duvet insert, with buttons or zippers to prevent the insert from spilling out. Our duvet covers come with interior corner ties that secure to the corner loops on our duvet inserts, to keep the entire layer even and prevent it from bunching up. Unlike a comforter, a duvet cover can easily be removed for washing, and lets you change up the look of your bed whenever you like. 

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Does the depth of my mattress matter?

Absolutely. With a fitted sheet that properly covers your mattress, you can easily put it back on after washing and won’t have to worry about it slipping off while you sleep. When measuring the depth of your mattress, be sure to include the height of your mattress topper, if you have one. Our fitted sheets are made with a rare 17” depth, to accommodate deep mattresses and give you the option to add a mattress topper without having to buy a new fitted sheet.

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Can I use two Twin XL sheets on a Split King mattress?

Yes, Split King beds are simply two Twin XL mattresses connected by a shared foundation. By choosing to buy two separate Twin XL fitted sheets, instead of a Split King sheet set, you and your partner can each sleep on your preferred fabric. The drawback is that you’ll have to buy a separate King size top sheet, in a fabric that you’ll both be comfortable sleeping under. 

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Will Twin XL sheets fit a Twin sized mattress?

We recommend against using a Twin XL fitted sheet on a Twin size bed. Since Twin XL mattresses are longer than a standard Twin, the corners won’t line up properly. So instead of sleeping on a soft and smooth surface, your fitted sheet will feel loose and bunch up during the night.

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Choosing the right sheets for your mattress is the easiest way to build a bed that looks incredible, is easy to make, and helps you sleep better at night. So before you upgrade to a new set of sheets, take a quick measurement of your mattress and check the dimensions of the sheets you’re buying. It’s a small consideration that makes a remarkable difference.