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How to Build Your Bed with Lightweight Layers

Selecting the right bedding makes all the difference when styling your bed for the warmer nights of summer. By choosing versatile, lightweight layers, your summer bed will help you sleep better at night. What’s more, opting for versatility allows you to effortlessly transition into the cooler season ahead. Here, we explain how four essential layers will help you build the perfect bed for warm nights, cool nights and everything in between.

Layer No. 1: The Perfect Luxury Sheet Set 

This essential layer is the foundation of every bed. Discover the difference of bedding made for your sleep style when you start with one of our bestselling sheet sets—our all-season Signature Fabric is beloved for its buttery, breathable feel that gets softer with every wash, and our naturally cooling Percale offers an ultra-refined look with a smooth, crisp feel. For even more of our 100% organic fabrics, explore our full range of sheet sets

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Layer No. 2: A Richly Textured Bed Blanket 

Bed blankets can transform your sleep thanks to their breathable weight and rich dimension. They can span across your sheets as a lightweight top layer during the height of summer heat, and effortlessly transition to cooler nights when layered under your duvet or draped across the foot of your bed for added warmth. 

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Layer No. 3: An Heirloom-Quality Quilt 

Quilt sets are a must-have for those seeking a versatile layer that functions all year round. They pair with bed blankets on warmer nights, and lay between sheets and a duvet during colder winter months. Beyond its four-season weight, our Basketweave Quilt is made with cotton batting for a more breathable design and is stitched with so much care, the beautiful basketweave pattern takes 8 times longer to embroider than a conventional quilt.      

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Layer No. 4: The Ideal Duvet Insert 

Duvets may conjure thoughts of weighty warmth, but our range of duvet inserts is designed to support every preferred temperature with Lightweight, Midweight or Ultraweight options. If you love layering year round, opt for a Lightweight insert that can sit folded across the foot of your bed for added depth during warmer seasons, and act as the perfect top layer over your sheets and bed blankets when temperatures drop. 

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Bonus Layer: A Cozy Throw Blanket 

Throw blankets are the epitome of versatility. Perfect for keeping on-hand incase you need a hint of added warmth, this lightweight layer complements both your coolest bedding during warmer seasons and multiple top layers as the temperatures drop. Keep one draped across the foot of your bed all year long for a finishing touch that’s as beautiful as it is functional.  

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How to Layer These Essentials in Every Season

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Whether you utilize all four essentials or pick and choose your favorites, these lightweight layers offer the versatility you need to sleep better every night, no matter the season. Explore our Layering Shop for more inspiration, and show us your layered bed look by tagging #mybollandbranch on Instagram.