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How to Choose a Duvet Insert

A better night’s sleep starts with the finest materials and perfect temperature regulation, and that starts with picking the correct duvet insert for your unique sleep preferences. While a duvet insert is an investment piece that will last for many years, there are a range of options and prices to choose from. When choosing the correct insert, there are a few things to consider, from the type and quality of the fill to the specific weight. At Boll & Branch, we relentlessly consider every detail that goes into crafting our inserts, so you can enjoy years of unmatched comfort. Follow our step-by-step guide to picking the right one for you.

Choose a Fill

An important first step in picking the correct insert is the fill. Duvet inserts are available in a down or down alternative fill, and there are benefits to both fill types.


Down is a natural material that is made from goose or duck plumage (the fluffy stuff beneath the feathers). Many people opt for traditional down for its long tradition as the gold standard in temperature regulation and support, as well as its longevity and lightweight properties. Our down is a natural material made from hypoallergenic duck feathers that is triple washed to be two times cleaner than the government standard.

Down Alternative

Down alternative is a synthetic fiber made to act like down. Many people prefer down alternative as it’s more allergy-friendly and cost effective. Our down alternative is made from PrimaLoft®, a premium, hypoallergenic fiber that mimics down in all the right ways—it’s springy, bendable, lofty, and supportive. 

Looking for more information on our down and down alternative fills, and which you should choose? Read more here.

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Pick a Weight

Do you want to use your duvet in all seasons or just in the colder months? Do you typically sleep hot or cold? Every duvet insert is made with a precise weight to help you regulate your preferred sleep temperature night after night. Ours are available in 3 distinct weights—Lightweight, Midweight, and Ultraweight—so you can sleep at your preferred temperature every single night.

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Check the Outer Shell Material

While the responsibly sourced fill and unique weight are important factors, the outer shell material of your duvet insert is equally as important. Our duvet inserts are thoughtfully made with 100% organic cotton shells, ensuring your bed is layered with only the very best fabrics and materials. Plus, our outer shell is specially woven to be naturally down-proof and prevent poke through.

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Look at the Construction

Once you determine the right fill and shell, look at the quality of the construction. The outer shell encloses the fill, and is closed with stitching around all four sides, as well as additional stitching to keep the fill evenly distributed, like a channel stitch, quilt stitch, and bafflebox stitch. All of our duvet inserts feature a unique bafflebox construction, a fine mesh panel that keeps the fill in our duvet inserts in place, so temperature regulation remains consistent, and loft remains even. There are also a number of other considered details in the construction of our inserts, like the 4 corner loops that secure the insert to your duvet cover.

Determine Which Size You Need

Do you like an extra lofty top bedding layer? If yes, you want to purchase a duvet insert that fits your mattress and current sheet size. However, if you want an extra fluffy bed, you may consider buying your duvet insert one size up from your duvet cover.

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Consider Laundry Care

Make sure to check the laundry care tips for your duvet insert before buying. Some duvet inserts are easier to wash than others, while some are dry clean only. Our duvet inserts are all machine washable, and fit into a standard washer and dryer. We recommend only washing your insert as needed in cold water on the gentle cycle and tumble drying on low heat. For more detailed information, visit our Laundry Care Guide.

Why the Right Duvet Insert Matters

Choosing the right duvet insert is key to getting your most comfortable night’s sleep at the ideal temperature for you. The fill you pick will determine the feeling, the weight you pick will determine the temperature, and the quality and construction will determine performance and how long this essential investment piece will last. When you pick the right duvet insert, you’ll also give your bed a lofty, luxurious look with endless years of comfort, guaranteed.