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Down Duvet Insert

$408 - $588
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Designed for your sleep preferences—cleaner, responsibly sourced down

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What makes this duvet insert different?

Made in 3 weights of the finest materials to support your ideal sleep temperature: our down is responsibly sourced from farms in the U.S. and triple washed to guarantee a cleaner, longer-lasting loft. Wrapped in a soft, breathable, down-proof shell made from the highest quality 100% organic cotton threads, each insert has a unique bafflebox construction that keeps the fill perfectly in place to maintain fluff and shape over time.

The Weight for Your Ideal Sleep Temperature Warm Sleeper or Climate – Lightweight Comfortable Sleeper or Climate – Midweight Cool Sleeper or Climate – Ultra-weight

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  • Triple-washed, cruelty-free down fill

  • Unique bafflebox construction

  • 4 corner loops to secure to our duvet set interior ties

  • 3 different weights for your ideal sleep temperature

  • Down-proof, 100% organic cotton shell

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What Makes Our Duvet Inserts Unmatched?

We created a naturally down-proof fabric for our duvet shell by precisely weaving the highest-quality, 100% organic cotton threads. With our bafflebox construction, we turned fill density into a science, tailoring the exact amount of down fill needed to support your climate and sleep temperature.

Down Without the Downside.

We partnered with the experts at DOWNLITE and farms in the U.S. to responsibly source the finest, cruelty-free down fill that's RDS certified—the gold standard in certifying best practices in animal welfare. We triple-wash our down and feathers to be 2x cleaner than the U.S. government standard, using the highest-grade, environmentally-safe chemistry to guarantee a cleaner, longer lasting loft.

The Finest 100% Organic Cotton on Earth.

We preserve the purity of our long-staple, 100% organic cotton by choosing not to use any harmful pesticides, GMOs or toxins like formaldehyde in the making of our products. It’s better for you and the planet.

Read 534 Reviews

Down Duvet Insert Reviews

4.8 / 5 stars

Melissa M. -
Great option!
Look, comfort and softness is all there in this duvet insert. Unfortunately for my husband and I, we’ve realized we can’t use them because we sleep too hot together. I wish we could, this piece was incredibly comfortable and cozy. Perfect for my solo nights!
Elizabeth T. -
Beautiful but disappointing
I was anxious to see how wonderful the down alternative duvet insert is and bit the pricey bullet. I was unfortunately very disappointed when it felt just like every other duvet I’ve had in the past. I made the decision to return it (thankfully a very easy process) and stick with my existing duvet insert until I decide to try out the down duvet insert. I loved how it fit so perfectly into the duvet cover, I’ve never had a duvet look so seamless! I hope to try the down duvet and be blown away someday!
Ellie S. -
The comfort is great and
The comfort is great and just the right amount of warmth
Heidi F. -
Great duvet!
This duvet insert is extremely comfortable, and as a hot sleeper, is light enough to keep me cool. The quality has been excellent so far after a couple months of use. My only complaint is it easily gets lumpy after washing. I have to throw in a few balls in the dryer to get it more even.