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What makes this duvet insert different?

Made in 3 weights of the finest materials to support your ideal sleep temperature: our down is ethically sourced from farms in the U.S. and triple washed to guarantee a cleaner, longer-lasting loft. Wrapped in a soft, breathable, down-proof shell, each insert has a unique bafflebox construction that keeps the fill perfectly in place to maintain fluff and shape over time.

The Weight for Your Ideal Sleep Temperature Warm Sleeper or Climate – Lightweight Comfortable Sleeper or Climate – Midweight Cool Sleeper or Climate – Ultra-weight


  • Triple-washed, cruelty-free, IDS certified down fill

  • Unique bafflebox construction

  • 4 corner loops to secure to our duvet set interior ties

  • 3 different weights for your ideal sleep temperature

  • Down-proof cotton shell

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Down Duvet Insert curled up sitting on a cabinet

What Makes Our Duvet Inserts Unmatched?

We created a naturally down-proof fabric for our duvet shell by precisely weaving the highest-quality cotton threads. With our bafflebox construction, we turned fill density into a science, tailoring the exact amount of down fill needed to support your climate and sleep temperature.

A hand holding down feathers and pressing against a Down Duvet Insert

Down Without the Downside.

We partner with farms in the U.S. to ethically source the finest, cruelty-free down fill that's IDS certified—requiring that all down and feathers are inspected and tested by IDFL to ensure each step of production, from farm to finish, meets the highest standards of quality and animal welfare. We triple-wash our down and feathers to be 2x cleaner than the U.S. government standard, using the highest-grade, environmentally-safe chemistry to guarantee a cleaner, longer lasting loft.

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Down Duvet Insert Reviews

4.8 / 5 stars

S C. -
Beautifully made & fits well
I’ve tried another brand of insert and it never fit well. This one is fluffy and very nice in my Boll & Branch Duvet
Tiffany S. -
Light weight still super cozy!
I read other reviews and went with the light weight. It’s perfect! It still feels lofty and cozy! I’m sure a heavier weight would be great for a chilly winter, but right now I sleep hot and the light weight is perfect.
Suzanne S. -
Wonderful Down Duvet Insert
The medium is delicious and so well-made. Enough warmth for our summer air-conditioned bedroom and I'm thinking it will be perfect for the autumn and winter. The quality is superb. B&B products never let me down. we have everything from King size bed to towels and of course your sheets and duvet (now) as well as covers. Thank you!!
Anna E. -
I've never slept better
So comfortable and it's the perfect weight!