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How to Make Your Bed Feel Like a Cloud

This is one of our most-asked questions—for good reason. The feeling of a cloud-like bed is unmatched, with the fluffiest layers and plushest pieces at every turn. It’s the pinnacle of luxury, and offers the comfort many people need to get their best night’s sleep. 

Like any other home refresh, the key to building a cloud-like bed is quality materials and thoughtful styling. Here, our team of bedding experts share their top 10 tips for making the softest, most indulgent bed with the finest organic layers.

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1. Start With a High-Quality Mattress

An ultra-soft bed starts with a great mattress—but you shouldn’t choose the softest one you can find. You’ll want a mattress that feels soft yet supportive, targeting pressure points and contouring to your unique body shape. Our foam-free Mattress is designed for this foundational comfort, with a craftsmanship you won’t find anywhere else. Hand-assembled with natural materials and 5 supportive layers, it’s the perfect base for the fluffiest bedding and years of better sleep. 

2. Add a Plush Featherbed or Fiberbed

Featherbeds and Fiberbeds are fluffy mattress enhancers that will transform an ordinary mattress, and make a high-quality one feel even more luxurious. For the richest sink-in softness, we recommend adding our ultra-plush Featherbed, made with cruelty-free down and feathers in the softest organic cotton shell. For a Cloud Cover that’s both lavish and supportive, choose our plush It’s made with PrimaLoft®, a premium synthetic fill, and is the perfect choice for a fluffy, allergy-friendly bed. Our lightest, most supportive Cloud Cover is our Mattress Topper. While it’s not as fluffy as our Featherbed or Fiberbed, it offers an airy, pillowy softness that brings remarkable comfort to any bed.

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3. Choose Exceptionally Soft Sheets

Above your Cloud Cover, you’ll want a set of the softest organic cotton sheets. We offer an array of artisan-made fabrics, with choices for sleep preference. For a buttery, all-season softness (that gets softer with every wash) we recommend our iconic Signature Sheets. If you’re a hot sleeper, choose our naturally cooling Percale Sheets, and if you can’t seem to warm up at night, choose our velvety and breathable Flannel Sheets. For the highest level of luxury, indulge in our extraordinary Reserve Sheets. They’re slow spun with the rarest organic cotton threads, for a silky softness beyond compare. No matter which sheets you choose, we recommend a Duvet Cover Set in the same fabric. This way, you’ll feel the same unique softness on every inch of your bed.

4. Layer a Lofty Duvet Insert

A fluffy duvet insert is a must. Nothing compares to its lofty look and feel, and with weights for every sleep style, it will help you control the temperature of your bed. Our Lightweight, Midweight, and Ultraweight Duvet Inserts are made with a unique temperature-regulating design, in a bafflebox construction that guarantees the perfect fluff from head to toe. Choose from cruelty-free Down and our premium, allergy-safe Down Alternative—both made for the loftiest bedding experience. 

Bonus: for the fluffiest bed, size up your duvet insert. Using a King size insert in a Queen size duvet cover, for example, will give your bed the loftiest appearance. 

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5. Add a Quilt for Extra Coziness

Some nights are cooler than others, and you’ll need an extra layer to sleep comfortably. Our favorite addition is a textured, all-season quilt. It offers the perfect lightweight warmth, without making your bed feel heavy or hot, and adds subtle dimension and loft. For styling, we recommend tucking your quilt into your mattress, between your sheets and duvet. With an intricate design, like the heirloom pattern on our Signature Basketweave Quilt, your bed will look even more cozy and alluring.

6. Get Lofty Pillows in Your Perfect Density

Pillows add lavish depth and are essential to a better night’s sleep. But just like your mattress, you don’t want to choose the fluffiest pillows you can find. To maintain alignment and alleviate any pressure points, you’ll need a pillow that’s designed for optimal comfort in your preferred sleeping position. Our pillows are made with three tailored densities: Soft for stomach sleepers, Medium for side sleepers, and Firm for back sleepers. All have a cloud-like effect, and offer custom comfort for both you and your partner.

Bonus: there are endless ways to arrange your pillows, from a simple stack to a tiered aesthetic. Explore our 7 favorite looks here.

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7. Create Extra Depth With Euro Pillows

Euro pillows are tall pieces that sit behind your standard pillows, adding height and depth to the head of your bed. For a cozy yet refined look, choose a fluffy insert and sophisticated cover—like our Signature Hemmed Shams, finished with elegant trim, or our Heritage Sham, made with a meticulous embroidered pattern.

8. Add Ultra-Soft Decorative Pillows

We can’t recommend these enough. Decorative pillows add dimension and allure, and are the perfect way to customize the look of your bed. You can mix and match different colors, textures, and patterns, creating an exquisite style that’s unique to you. For the plushest look and feel, choose decorative pillows in rich textures, like our multi-patterned Aran Knit or coveted Waffle Weave.

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9. Top It Off With a Textured Bed Blanket

A bed blanket is the perfect final touch for an ultra-fluffy bed. You’ll want to drape it over the end of your bed, with loose styling for a relaxed aesthetic. Like your pillows, you can create a custom look with textures and shades that complement your lofty bed layers. Go airy and springy with our beloved Waffle Bed Blanket, or rich and sumptuous with our Aran Knit Blanket. For the softest, silkiest finish, we recommend our Reserve Cotton Bed Blanket. It’s made with the finest organic cotton threads on earth, offering lustrous warmth in a sophisticated, hand-finished lattice pattern. 

10. Set the Most Relaxing Scene

Atmosphere is everything, and a few thoughtful details will make resting in your cloud-like bed even better. Start by adding a natural, serene scent with one of our hand-poured Candles or artfully designed Reed Diffusers. Then, create a warm glow with dimmable lamps or additional candles. Round it out with fresh flowers on your bedside table, for a calming element of nature. 

Ready to make your bed feel like a cloud? Follow the steps above to create it yourself, or get help from a dedicated stylist with a Complimentary Virtual Design Consultation. 

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