Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct

In 2013, a factory collapsed in Bangladesh killing more than 1,000 people.

The collapse was a sobering reminder of neglectful, unsustainable, and unethical trade practices that are far too common in the textiles industry. Practices that many businesses turn a blind eye to and that customers aren’t privy to. It was from that point forward that Boll & Branch knew the world didn’t just need another bedding company, it needed a better company.

Making a product our customers love is our passion, but creating a high-quality product that does right by the people who make it is our mission. We are paving the way for sustainable, safe, and prosperous manufacturing by not doing what is easy, but by doing what is right. And by consistently choosing the ethical, fair, and sometimes difficult path, the resulting processes and products are of uncompromised and unmatched quality.

Our commitment to those responsible for farming, crafting, and selling our goods has set our standards apart from the rest of the industry. Boll & Branch is unrelenting in our expectations that every extension of our family must uphold these standards in order to deliver our customers a safe, thoughtfully designed, and ethical experience at all touchpoints.Our code of conduct is designed to protect their livelihoods and ensure our supply chain positively impacts every member of the Boll & Branch family.

Simply said, we believe a thoughtful and fair supply chain
will result in the highest quality product.

Boll & Branch defines
ethical and sustainable
trade practice as follows:

Labor Requirements

  • No child labor
  • Voluntary employment
  • Income sustainability
  • Free of abuse, retaliation or discrimination
  • Appropriate and paid overtime
  • Investment in community and workers' well-being

Safe Working Conditions

  • Heath and safety standards
  • Waste management

Minimizing Impact

  • Conserving/repurposing water and energy
  • Prohibiting the use of harmful chemicals, substances, pesticides or metals
  • Sustainable raw materials (organic, recycled, natural or by-product)

We carefully and conscientiously consider each detail of our products.

Thoughtfully Designed

  • Highest inspection and quality measures
  • Gift-like experience
  • Purposeful details (i.e. towel labels that don't hang, labeled sides for fitted sheets)
  • Reusable packaging
  • Traceable supply chain from raw material to finished good

-The B&B Family

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