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The Artisans of Zhejiang, China - Middle Module 1

Craftsmanship Like No Other

Chosen for its expert tailoring in construction, this partner provides weaving, cutting, and sewing, and filling in one location. The construction of this product and the baffle box (interior lining between quilted areas) is so specialized, we only trust the construction of this product to these artisans. We have audited this factory by a third party to ensure they meet our code of conduct standards. Additional, they voluntarily hold many preferred material certifications that require annual audits.

The Artisans of Zhejiang, China - Middle Module 2

Unmatched Quality

Leveraging this partner’s expertise in tailoring, together we’re able to construct Cloud Covers and Down and Down Alternative Bed Blankets, both innovative for the use of fabric that doesn’t have chemical coating applied (a common practice in down products to prevent poke through), as well as precision fill and stitching. In addition to this partner’s expert tailoring capabilities, they have established procedures and policies regarding social compliance management and a dedicated CSR team, which conducts annual internal compliance inspection and makes corrective action plans.