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American Made

A search for a manufacturer with the highest standards in quality led us to this Georgia-based partner who creates best-in-class rug pads. With an extensive history of fiber padding manufacturing, this partner brought together the best processing equipment from Europe and the United States in one state-of-the-art facility. These rug pads received the Green Label Plus certification, an indoor air quality testing program that certifies The Carpet and Rug Institute requirements for VOCs (0.5 mg/m3 or less) have been met.

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Highest Quality Materials

Because this product is purely functional, we wanted to provide customers with the best performance in a responsibly sourced way. This partner sources materials from the world leader in recycling, Columbia Recycling, utilizing usable synthetic fibers that have been discarded by carpet manufacturers. These fibers are turned into our non-slip, cushioned rug pads, whose purpose is to provide comfort, and improve the performance and longevity of rugs.