Meet the Maker - The Printers & Tailors of Ghaziabad, India | Boll & Branch

Image of hands on fabric

Tremendous Expertise

For over 25-years, this partner has been a leading maker of home furnishings and textiles. We were first drawn to work with them because of their reputation, and signed on in 2018 to expand our printed bedding. They are a small, vertically integrated factory, meaning they have weaving, dyeing, printing, and finishing all under one roof.

The Printers & Tailors of Ghaziabad, India

Family-Run & Female Empowered

Located in north India, this family-owned business was created by a hands-on textile engineer. The business has now passed to the son, and we maintain a close working relationship. A point of distinction that speaks volumes for this partner: they dedicate a department to train women of a nearby village to encourage independence, expertise, and employment.