Meet the Maker - The Weavers & Tailors of Madurai, India | Boll & Branch

The Weavers & Tailors of Madurai, India

Trailblazers From The Start

This small, family-owned and female-founded factory has strived, since its inception in the 1970s, to empower the women in Madurai and 18 surrounding villages to attain financial independence. Its mission is two-fold: build and sustain the generational skills of these artisans, and create a culture that’s democratic and equitable. We wanted to work with them for their award-winning expertise, but also their progressive vision. This factory is almost entirely sustainably run, as well as the GOTS and Fair Trade Factory Certified.

Meet the Makers - Tailors of Kolkata

Shared Friendship & Pride

Our partnership took root a couple of years after we launched Boll & Branch, and came at a perfect moment when this factory was poised to take on a new challenge. Located in a beautiful, rural part of India, they had firmly established their weaving capabilities, but they wanted to build out their cut and sew lines. They looked to us to inform the best system to implement, and they constructed an entire building just for Boll & Branch production. When we travel to this partner, we spend time in their homes with their families. It's a really warm and welcoming place. And because of our special relationship, these artisans take incredible pride working on our product. Together, we lift each other up.