Signature Stripe Quilt Set

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Modern, versatile—uniquely soft, 100% organic threads

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What makes this fabric different?

Featuring a versatile design and a distinctly modern look, this four-season quilt is crafted by artisans in 24 meticulous steps from beginning to end: it starts with our long-staple 100% organic cotton, used to create both the breathable batting and our uniquely soft Signature fabric that gets softer with every wash. Its linear single-needle design takes 60 minutes to perfect, each stripe intentionally spaced and precisely engineered to size. This stitching combined with the natural sheen of the fabric creates a soft, lofted look that can easily be dressed up or down.

The Feel Buttery soft in a breathable, all-season weight

The Look Soft sheen with a modern, linear single-needle design Style Tip: Pre-washing your quilt will pucker the organic cotton and give it an instantly lofty look.


  • 100% organic cotton

  • Long-staple cotton ensures the highest quality and durability

  • Pure cotton batting for greater breathability and easy care

  • Made in 24 meticulous steps from beginning to end

  • Precisely engineered, linear single-needle design that takes 60 minutes to perfect

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What Makes Our Thread Quality Unmatched?

We don’t rely on thread count to determine quality. Thread count is simply a measurement of threads per square inch of fabric. We invest in thread quality by using the finest organic materials, weaving our threads with the utmost care, and finishing our threads without harsh chemicals.

The Finest 100% Organic Cotton on Earth.

We preserve the purity of our long-staple, 100% organic cotton by choosing not to use any harmful pesticides, GMOs or toxins like formaldehyde in the making of our products. It’s better for you and the planet.

Uniquely Soft, Loved by Millions.

Signature fabric’s four-over-one-under weave allows the ends of our long-staple 100% organic cotton fibers to lift ever so slightly with each wash, ensuring an exceptionally soft hand feel that gets softer and softer over time.

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Signature Stripe Quilt Set Reviews

5.0 / 5 stars

Connie B. -
Comfy cozy
We love all of our bedding from Boll & Branch. From the sheets to the Signature Stripe Quilt Set. The combination of everything together not only feels great when we climb into bed but looks fabulous when the bed is made.
Mary J. -
Best Luxury Bedding
I've tried out several "luxury" brands including Parachute and Sunday Citizen (both of which are $$$) and Boll and Branch is by far the best in terms of comfort, quality and bang for your buck. While the pieces are still pricey it's 1000% worth it. I will repurchase and would recommend to anyone!
Joanne F. -
Great Investment
The Stripe Quilt Set is simply beautiful! This was a splurge because frankly, you can buy a quilt for a lot less money. I don’t regret spending more because the difference in quality and performance is very noticeable. I have paired this with a waffle blanket and the combination is luxurious and so comfortable. One small wish -we have a California King so we purchased the King/Cal King size. Because it’s made to accommodate both we have more drape than I like at the corners.
Laura S. -
Best around!
The quilt is beautiful! The stitching’s are neat and strong. I love the soft blue/green/gray of this quilt. It’s a bit of a chameleon color wise but ever so pretty! The quality is top notch. I can tell this will hold up for a long time. And I love how long and wide it is. I think it’s quality surpasses similar brands. We look forward to purchasing more from Boll and Branch!