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How to Fluff a Pillow

Fluffy pillows can not only make a bedspread look more lush and full, but also give you a better night’s sleep. 

If your pillows are looking a little flat or deflated, don’t worry - there are a few easy DIY ways you can fluff your pillow.

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Method #1: Fluff Your Pillow by Hand

Fluffing your pillow by hand is the easiest and most common method. We recommend fluffing your pillow by hand for at least 30 seconds by: 

- Fluffing diagonally. Hold diagonal corners of your pillow and clap them together. Don’t clap too hard, though, because you might actually make your pillow flatter with too much force.   

- Massaging the pillow. Use your fingers to massage the pillow’s fill. 

- Punching the pillow. Use your fist to punch the pillow to break up materials that might be clumped or stuck together. 

It’s also worth noting that natural fibers like down and feather are able to quickly return to their original shape. If you have a pillow insert with synthetic fill, it might take more time or effort to get it to its original shape. 

Method #2: Refresh in the Dryer

Putting your pillow through a dryer cycle is another easy way to restore its shape. To help knead the pillow more effectively, try adding in a dryer ball or tennis ball with it. 

To get it as fluffy as possible, make sure your pillow is fully dry before using this method. This is important because putting a wet pillow in the dryer means more time will be spent drying the pillow than fluffing it. 

Look at the care instructions on your pillow to determine what heat setting to use. Since your pillow will already be dry, start with a 20-minute cycle on medium to low heat as a baseline.

Method #3: Leave the Pillow Outside in the Sun

You can also refresh your pillow by leaving it out in direct sunlight, weather permitting. Fresh air will circulate through the pillow, which will help fluff it naturally.

Not only that, the sun’s ultraviolet light will also work to kill bacteria on your pillow. Be sure to lay your pillow insert on a clean surface if you choose to use this method.

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Why Fluff Your Pillows

Fluffling your pillows makes them more comfortable and supportive to sleep on, which ultimately leads to better sleep. Taking care of your pillows also helps them last longer. 

Another added benefit is the refined look that loftier pillows bring to your bed, filling out your bedding with soft lines that complement any aesthetic.

Know When to Buy a New Pillow

Sometimes, even after your best efforts to fluff your pillow, it might still be too flat. That’s usually a sign that your pillow should be replaced

When choosing a new pillow, keep in mind that pillows of a certain weight might not be able to achieve the lofty look as you desire—soft or lightweight pillows, for example, have less fill to provide the right level of support, and might not be able to attain a fluffy shape. Firm or more filled densities will inherently have more fill, which will help you achieve a fuller look.