How to Style Neutrals: 3 Tips to Make a Beautiful Bed

Neutral bedroom color schemes are classic, easy to update, and give off a relaxing vibe. Here’s are neutral bedroom color ideas to help you style your bed so that it looks boutique hotel-chic, and never boring!

All White Everything

White is the ultimate choice for a neutral bedroom color scheme. Styling your bed in all white gives you the perfect clean slate to work with. Whether you decide to change the color of the walls or buy new furniture, you never have to worry because your bedding will always match!

Add interest to this monochrome look with thoughtfully-designed details, like the 7-inch hem in our Hemmed Sheet Set or a subtle pop of pattern with our Striped Sheet Set


Mix is the New Match

Forget what you’ve heard in the past, mixing different shades of white is a definite style “do!” Mixed together, neutral bedroom colors and textures can truly shine.

The subtle differences in our White and Natural (undyed) colors helps draw the eye toward beautiful pops of texture, like the pleats in our Pleated Sheet Set and the weave of our Waffle Blanket. Keeping the bed completely neutral also gives you the freedom to add color and interesting design accents to the room—like a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a statement area rug, or a unique piece of artwork.


The New Neutrals

Missing some color in your bed? We love this next neutral bedding idea.

Consider adding one of our versatile neutral bedroom colors to your collection, like our our brand new Blush in our Hemmed Sheet Set, or classic Pewter and sandy Dune in our Hemmed or Banded Sheet Set. These anything-but-basic shades will add some color to your bedding without overpowering the room. Go ahead and style your bed the way you like it—the possibilities are endless!



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