How to Make a Hotel Bed At Home

There’s something incredibly special about a hotel bed. Why are hotel beds so comfortable?  Is it the fluffy duvet? The crisp white sheets, tightly pulled? The chocolate on the pillow? Is it the simple fact that someone else made the bed for a change? And how do they make the bed so fluffy?


What Makes a Hotel Bed Unique?

Hotel beds around the world may be special in different ways, but they have a few things in common. They are generally made with two flat sheets instead of one; read our step-by-step directions on how to make a bed hotel-style here. And hotel beds start with crisp white sheets made of percale, just like our newly launched bedding.


Why are Hotel Sheets Made of Percale?

On the loom, percale is woven tightly so that it has a structured and crisp feel; it’s also more durable than flexible fabrics such as sateen, so it can withstand the frequent washing and ironing that hotels require. Our percale has that same crisp, structured nature, with an extra dose of comfort.


Favorite Hotel Beds Around the World

Sara Bliss—author of the blog Hotel Chic and the 2017 book Hotel Chic at Home: Inspired Design Ideas from Glamorous Escapes—shares with us her five favorite hotel beds. “All for completely different reasons!” she says.


1. 1 Hotel, Brooklyn, New York City, and Miami

“The beds at all the three locations are the most comfortable I have ever slept in thanks to eco-friendly mattresses from Keetsa,” says Bliss.


2. Hotel Recamier, Paris

I've always been obsessed with the beds at this Paris hotel. Owner Sylvie de Lattre and designer Jean-Louis Deniot incorporated 1930s-inspired prints onto canopies created with fabric and hung from ceiling rods. The canopies amp up the cozy factor in a small space.


3. Colony Palms Hotel, Palm Springs

Designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard covered headboards in bold suzanis. He paired the look with all-white bedding and duvet colors, plus striped bed skirts and bolster pillows for a modern take on exotic style.


4. Firmdale Hotels, London and New York

Designer Kit Kemp is known for artfully mixing bold colors and lots of different prints. She's the design genius behind Firmdale Hotels. She upholsters walls in fabrics, uses oversized headboards in fun silhouettes like scalloped-edging, and splashes prints on curtains, headboards, and pillows. She keeps beds a crisp white with doubled up pillows, a white quilt for warmth, and a decorative pillow for color. 


5. The Christopher, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
The beds here feature white sheets and pillows paired with colorful blankets and throw pillows. I love the pops of color and pattern on an all-white bed.


8 Ideas for Making a Hotel Bed At Home

Bring some of that hotel magic to your own home. Missy Tannen, our Co-Founder and Head of Product Development, and Sara Bliss, author of the blog Hotel Chic and the 2017 book Hotel Chic at Home: Inspired Design Ideas from Glamorous Escapes, offer a step-by-step guide to making your bed feel hotel-special.


1. Iron your sheets (a little).

“A hotel bed has fresh sheets that have been pressed. That look is not just going to come magically! To achieve the effect at home, use a warm iron or steamer on our percale sheets,” says Missy. “A little shortcut for how to make a hotel bed at home: Iron just the pillowcases and the hem of the top sheet.”


2. Perform your own turn-down service.
“After dinner, everyone in our family changes into comfy clothes for the rest of the night—this is a great time to turn down your bed,” says Missy. “Just pull down your duvet or blanket by about two feet, with the flat sheet on top of it.”
3. Place chocolates on pillows.
“My girls loved finding chocolates on their pillows every night at 51 Buckingham Gate in London,” says Missy. “So I stockpiled a few chocolates, and I laid them on the girls’ pillows on our first night back at home in New Jersey. They loved it.”


4. Buy the best quality sheets you can.
“Hotels invest in top notch bedding for a few reasons,” explains Hotel Chic author Sara Bliss. “One is durability: Stronger, better quality sheets last longer, standing up to lots of washes. Two is comfort. Hotel owners understand that happy guests equal repeat guests, so they invest in the nicest bedding they can.”
5. Pile on the pillows.
“Start with at least four pillows doubled up on each side,” says Bliss. “It's more comfortable when you are sitting up and reading or watching TV, and it also looks more inviting when the bed is made.”
6. Stick to white sheets.
White sheets give you more options when decorating a room,” says Bliss. “You can have wallpaper, a printed headboard, and patterns on rugs and upholstery without worrying about matching your design choices to your sheets. It is a better long-term investment too, since you can mix and match white sheet sets.”
7. Add a pop of color.
“While I love the versatility of an all white bed,” says Bliss, “you need some color to add life. Throw pillows, solid quilts, and headboards are perfect spots for adding your favorite hue.”
8. Bring on the duvet.
“There is something incredibly luxe about a fluffy duvet,” Bliss says. “Whether you go with down or a hypoallergenic alternative, it makes a bed feel more welcoming and cozy, not to mention adding the perfect amount of warmth.” If you're wondering how to make a bed look fluffy, the secret is all in the right duvet.


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