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Introducing Flannel

Introducing Flannel
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Stop. It's flannel time.

We applaud your patience, but there’s no need to wait a second longer: flannel is finally here! Our new flannel is so soft and inviting, it may convert you into a winter-lover. And thanks to the warm, fuzzy nature of flannel, you may even save money on your winter heating bill!

The Background History of Flannel

We can trace the creation of flannel back to Portugal, where it was originally made into shirts for fishermen to help them withstand cold, salty spray. Generations later, the Portuguese are still the world’s leader in flannel, as flannel itself is now considered a heritage product. Flannel is known for its warmth and durability, and as time went on flannel began making appearances in home textiles such as bedding.  

Boll & Branch Flannel

In an effort to seek out the finest flannel, our search brought us to Guimaraes, Portugal, where we worked closely with our manufacturing partners to create the next generation of cotton flannel. Together with experienced craftsmen, we leveraged traditional techniques and new technologies to create something that had never been achieved before: the world’s softest, warmest and most durable organic cotton flannel.

How Boll & Branch Flannel is Made

We begin by choosing 100% organic open-ended cotton thread. This means the thread itself is spun in a way that allows the cotton fibers to look “hairy.” See below for details:

 Open-End Organic Cotton Thread or Yarn

After the sheets are woven and sewn, they go through a brushing process to uniformly exaggerate the hairy fibers, creating that quintessential velvety flannel feel. This is principally how flannel differs from traditional cotton sheets, whose threads are smooth and uniform. 

Why does Boll & Branch flannel feel so warm?

One of the reasons our flannel stands out from the crowd is due to an extra step we use during manufacturing. After brushing, our flannel gets a “haircut”—or in proper terminology, it gets sheared. The shearing process is two-fold: first, it amplifies the soft and fuzzy characteristics, and it reduces the speed at which natural flannel pills, essentially producing a pill-resistant finish. This extra step is why our flannel is the premium choice for all flannel enthusiasts, and why our flannel feels so warm. 


Flannel vs Fleece Sheets

If you are debating which cozy bedding material to purchase for your home, the environmental impact of your sheets is worth considering. Fleece, a synthetic material, poses an increasing problem for our oceans. Every time fleece is washed, it sheds thousands of fibers which wash away as waste water. This contaminated water washes into the ocean and poisons food sources for ocean wildlife.

Boll & Branch flannel, however, is made from 100% organic cotton, which is biodegradable and completely non-toxic. And unlike fleece, which sheds more and more fibers with every wash, cotton fleece will not degrade over time. 

The Details

We took every measure to focus on the details, which is why the flannel duvet cover has a zipper enclosure and corner ties to keep the insert from shifting out of the cover. The flannel pillowcases were designed with an envelope close for a modern, finished look that hides the pillow inside. All pieces are oversized to account for the slight, natural shrinkage after your initial wash. We thought of everything so you don’t have to!

Organic Cotton Flannel in White

100% Organic Cotton Flannel in Grey Plaid

100% Organic Cotton Flannel in White for Christmas
So, tell us, are you ready to fall for flannel? Shop flannel today!