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How to Care for Your Boll & Branch Items

How to Care for Your Boll & Branch Items
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You deserve nice things.

Our sheets, towels and blankets are made to last. The secret to keeping them looking great is actually pretty simple: Just wash them the right way, every time. Here’s what you need to know about how to wash towels, sheets, and blankets. 


Ready, Set, Wash

Rule #1 at Boll & Branch HQ: Always wash your items before you use them for the first time. Our organic bedding is designed to arrive oversized; after a gentle wash, it’ll shrink slightly until it’s  perfectly sized for your bed. Not to mention, our towels, sheets and blankets are specially made to get softer with every wash, so it’s great to kickstart the process.


Use the Right Detergent

A liquid, biodegradable detergent is ideal. If you prefer powder, make sure to dissolve it in the wash water before adding any laundry. And avoid bleach: It’s way too harsh for our natural, organic cotton fibers. (If you feel it’s absolutely necessary, you can use non-chlorine bleach on white, ivory and natural items.)


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Sort Smarter

Remember to wash like colors together to keep each piece vibrant. And never wash towels and sheets together in the same load: Mixing the two encourages lint build-up.


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