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Recycle Your Old Sheets as Halloween Costumes

Recycle Your Old Sheets as Halloween Costumes
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Your old, conventional bed sheets are scary enough to be used as Halloween costumes.

Why is that, you ask? Because they’re probably not 100% GOTS-certified organic, which means you could be sleeping on bed sheets soaked in formaldehyde and other harmful pesticides. For this reason, we’ve collected a few ideas to recycle your old bed sheets into something less spooky, and way more fun! Here's how to make a toga out of a sheet, a bed sheet ghost costume, and more: 

The Mummy

Grab your scissors and start to shred your bed sheets into long strips, or “bandages.” Tie the ends of the strips together to add length to the strips, and begin wrapping the bandages around your arms and legs for that mummified look! Wear a white T-shirt and shorts to avoid any unwanted peek-a-boos.

Use Bed Sheets as a Mummy Costume for Halloween

The Greek Toga or Lady Liberty

Some of you may have learned how to make a toga out of a sheet in college. For Greek gods and goddesses, use a white sheet, and for Lady Liberties, use a green sheet. Hold one corner of the bed sheet lengthwise with your left hand and drape the rest of the bed sheet over your chest, then tuck it under your right arm. Wrap the remaining material around your torso until you have just enough bed sheet to tie a knot with the other corner. The second corner of the sheet should go up over your back, and depending on how much material is left, you can choose to tie a knot or fasten it to the other corner with a safety pin or a gold brooch. For the Greek toga look, wrap gold rope around your waist and wear a wreath of gold or green leaves around your head. Lady Liberties should hold a green torch and cut out a piece of green foam to wear as a crown. Your toga sheets look greek chic!

Use Old Bed Sheets as a Greek Toga Costume for Halloween

Use Old Bed Sheets as a Lady Liberty Costume for Halloween

The Classic Ghost

Keep it simple, silly! A bed sheet ghost costume is a Halloween staple. Don’t be afraid to go with your gut and dress in the most classic Halloween costume. To achieve this boo-tiful look, place the white sheet over your head and use a marker to mark where your eyes will be. Remove the sheet, and use a scissor to cut out two circles for your eyes, and if you’d prefer, one for your mouth as well. Consider jazzing up your ghost by drawing glasses around the eyes, adding lipstick to the “mouth” or tie-dyeing your bed sheet for an extra groovy phantom!

 Use Old Bed Sheets as a Ghost Costume for Halloween

Replace Your Bed Sheets with Boll & Branch Sheets

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