What Does Boll & Branch Mean?

What Does Boll & Branch Mean?

What's in a name?

We are often asked what Boll & Branch means, and why we chose it as our brand name. Well, like everything we create, we like keeping things simple, and the answer to your question is exactly that. Simple!

What Does Boll & Branch Represent?

Our founder and CEO, Scott Tannen, explains it best.

"We felt that our brand name should reflect the cornerstone of our company: pure, organic cotton."

Think about it from the ground up. Cotton is a soft, delicate fiber that grows in a ‘boll’—the protective case surrounding the cotton seed—and an extension of the supportive ‘branch.’ We have always committed to supporting and protecting organic cotton farmers in the developing world who have been marginalized and extorted by big name corporations for generations. Metaphorically speaking, the boll does for the cotton seed as we strive to do for those who dedicate their lives to the farming and crafting of organic cotton.

Key Takeaways

We take our global citizenship seriously, and want to prove to conventionalists that little is mighty, disruption is the key to success and the right way isn’t always the easy way. Read more about our core beliefs here!