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How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet
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 It seems so simple, but anyone who has tried it knows that folding a fitted sheet can bring even the happiest homemaker to their knees in frustration. And, most of the guides and videos you’ve seen online actually make it worse… But, don’t be intimidated! If you have the right approach it is pretty easy.

Our Founder, Missy Tannen, put together this short video and fool-proof guide… just wait until you see how impressed your friends will be, but don’t tell them how easy it actually is!


Step 1: Set Aside A Few Minutes To Learn

You’re going to be learning a new skill today, so make sure to set aside enough time to concentrate, practice and perfect the process. Turn on a TV show for the kids and leave your cell phone in another room. For the next few minutes, it is just you, your fitted sheet and this helpful guide from your friends at Boll & Branch. If you stay with us and ignore those confusing YouTube videos, this will take 5 minutes tops… and I bet we can get through it even faster!


Step 2: Lay The Sheet Flat

The easiest way to get frustrated is to try to fold a fitted sheet like a flat sheet. Unlike other sheets that you can fold in the air in front of you, we need a surface for this task. So, first we need to find an open space to lay the sheet as flat as possible. Obviously, a bed works perfectly, but if your floor is clean you can use that too.

Lay the finished side facing down with the elastic facing up. Stretch the corners and allow the elastic to make a square or rectangle shape (depending on your bed size), centered on the sheet. Each of the four tailored corners should be easy to see if you’ve laid the sheet out properly. To make for a neatly folded appearance, you’ll want to get the outside edges of the sheet as straight as possible by simply running your open hand under the elastic from corner to corner on each side.

Tip: If you keep pillows or shams on your bed, try putting them on the floor so that you have more space to work with as you fold the sheet.


Step 3: Fold In Thirds

Starting at the head of the bed, take the two corners and neatly fold the entire sheet down one-third of the way, evenly across. Then, take the bottom two corners and fold the sheet up, over the top of the section you just folded. Run your hand across to make sure that the top, bottom and side edges are smooth and move around to the side of the bed.

Now, take two corners and fold them in thirds across the bed, pulling what you’ve already folded towards you. Finish folding the sheet upon itself until you get your desired finished size.

Tip: If your linen closet is smaller, you can adjust the size of the folded sheet by folding into fourths.


Step 4: Take A Bow And Show Us Your Work!

You did it! Take a bow and know that since you’ve mastered folding a fitted sheet, there’s nothing life can throw at you that you can’t handle!


We’d love to see your folded fitted sheets in action. Post your photos or videos to Instagram, YouTube and Twitter and tag @bollandbranch…we just might share your handiwork with the rest of the world!